SZ Clutches & Flywheels for the Z32 & Z33

Over the last 10 years we’ve worked closely with RPS in combining our research and product developments for the better.  We’ve licensed out the RPS line and made it our own.  This allows us to freely us our own ideas in clutch developments while keeping the quality the same or higher as before.  Our minds here are always crunching when we have the time to develop new things.

We’ve kept the flywheel the same as their wasn’t any more room for improvement in that arena.  We added our logo which is probably good for some horsepower and torque!  Well maybe it’ll make it lighter 😉

On the clutch side of things we’ve lowered pricing on the more mass market style of clutches.  The better part of it is that we’ve added two new models to the line up.

The pressure plates in our high clamp load line have some changes that really have improved them (High 5, Max Series).  The casting for the pressure plates are half aluminum and half steel. We need the steel for the clutch material to go against for durability.  The aluminum has allowed us to make the pivot point release amazingly better than has ever been possible.   In the past modifying a normal casting was the norm.
Utilizing this new hybrid we have much better release, lightweight, and lighter pedal pressure with the same clamp load of the old RPS Max line.

The new SZ discs………
Our new high power single disc set up we are calling the “SZ HIGH 5” This clutch will use our new pressure plate and has a aluminum 5 puck disc that is half the weight of the standard 6 puck disc and this allows butter shifting and is MUCH easier on the transmission. This set up will hold up to 800 HP (real-world testing)  and allow shifting at much higher RPM’s.  Getting into the lightweight benefits reveals much improved high RPM shift-ability.  There is less friction & drag to slow the input shaft down quicker to allow the synchros to mesh up better.  There is also less parts to break like the springs on the sprung hub discs.  The only down side encountered is low RPM load or lugging that creates noise transfer of the drive-train.  Engagement is surprisingly easy and daily driver street-able.

We also have a new Street Disc to go with the new high power pressure plate. The standard street Disc sold by all the companies have a wavy spring in the middle called a “Marcel” spring for a really long engagement and the Disc’s are normally only riveted for attachment. The problem with the street material is it is brittle and the small attachment area with these Disc’s can cause the material to de-face when you miss a shift,  or dump the clutch at high RPM.
To make a street disc much stronger we removed the Marcel spring to get more contact area to hold the material and we use a really strong special glue along with the rivets.  This combination is much more durable and the engagement is just like the stock organic disc.
The New SZ Street High Clutch!

As in the past our clutches include the throw-out bearing, pilot bushing, and alignment tool.  For ordering you can call us at the shop.  We’re in the process of updating our site so look for on-line ordering very soon.

Z33 guys, you will need to purchase the flywheel to make our clutches work.

We’ll have a write up for those unsure on what clutch your application needs along with the workings of the Twin-Carbon line of clutches.

Let’s go drive (shift) some Zs!

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  1. Sylwek

    Hey I am about to twin turbo my 370z I will run about 550 wheel horsepower power, I need clutch and fly wheel that can handle that and price thanks

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