Clutch Disc Weights

A few months ago we weighed our own clutch discs and a competitor’s product.  This was all done to compare the weight difference in our High 5 Puck Disc.  We covered its release here:

In short the more weight the input shaft has to deal with the harder it is for it to go into the next gear.  The inertia from a heavier disc will cause more wear and tear on synchros especially for those quick shifters out there.

Here’s how the discs performed on the scales.

We’ll start things off with our modified street disc.  Coming in at 3.8 lbs.  Perfect for the driver who wants very silky smooth engagements and won’t be tearing it up at the drag strip.

Our 6-Puck comes in just a tad lighter than the street disc.  This disc is for those who are mean to the drive-train assaulting it with clutch dumps and high horsepower.

Next up is the competitor’s feramic disc.  This puppy comes in at a heavy weight of 4.6 lbs.  Feramic materials were developed for agricultural use (tractors, heavy equipment, etc.)  It is heavy duty and also heavy on weight.  Not really designed for the sports car enthusiast.  Notorious for welding themselves to your flywheel as well.

This brings us to our new 5 Puck disc.  Extremely lightweight and nimble.  Easy on your trans and gives the driver the much needed high RPM shifting desired without sacrificing transmission internals.  A must for the spirited driver looking for no compromises.  Our pressure plate that goes with this disc is also lighter.  Amazingly provides little harsh engagement and little chatter.

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