Demolishing the Stock Z32 Turbo Record

The results in the following post are unbelievable and truly shows the potential of the Z32-TT with stock turbos.  This also goes to show that factory intercooler piping is restrictive at the stock turbo level and that high quality MS Manifolds help them push harder.  There hasn’t been anyone to date to do this on stock MT turbos so here goes!

Adam did not skimp out on anything when it came to building this Z.  You buy high quality parts you get high quality results.

The following is the list of mods done to this wonder:

*Completely stock/un-modified Bottom End
*Completely stock/un-modified 40P Heads
*Completely stock/un-modified 5 speed cams
*Completely stock/un-modified 5 speed turbos
*Specialty Z Custom Dyno Tune 91, 100 & 116
*Specialty-Z SS 4-Bolt 3″ Expansion Down Pipes w/ wastegate Separators
*Specialty-Z SS 3″ Test Pipes
*Specialty-Z: SS 3″ Single Oval Cat-Back Exhaust
*Specialty-Z 6QT Oil Pan
*Specialty-Z Multi Map 16 Program Switcher
*Specialty-Z 1 Piece Clutch Line w/ New Slave Cylinder
*MSP Manifolds
*Selin Translator
*Custom “Intercooler” Piping 2.5″
*Custom “Suction Pipes” w/ Jim Wolf Dual 350Z Filters 2.5″
*Custom “Accordion” Pipes 2.5″
*Stock “Turbo Inlet” Pipes
*AshSpec Massive SMIC
*Z1 58mm Throttle Bodies
*Mild Port & Polish Upper Intake Plenum
*Specialty-Z “High Five” Puck Clutch (The lightest clutch made for the Z32)
*RPS Segmented Flywheel
*Z1 Platinum Aluminum 1 piece drive shaft (Might get replaced with a CF DS in the future)
*Blitz SBC ID Boost Controller
*300 Degree Fuel Rails w/Nismo 740cc Injectors
*CZP Fuel Rail Lines (OEM route)
*BDE Engine Mounts
*BDE Intake Cam Gears (un-adjusted)
*Tomei Exhaust Cam Gears (adjusted)
*Unorthodox Racing Crank Pulley
*YB HI Over Drive Water Pump Pulley
*Nissan R34 Skyline Wheels, 18″x9″ +30 Offset (19#ea)
*265/35/18 Falken Azenis RT-615 Tires

91 octane, 14 psi for 419 whp!

100 octane, 20 psi for 463 whp.

Q16, 21 psi peak for 499 whp!!!!!!!!  For those of you with larger turbos using stock I\C piping, manifolds, small exhaust, etc.. your choking your VG30!

This is the comparison to the previous record.  What a difference!!  Smooth power throughout the powerband.

Congratulations to Adam!  Remember to keep your turbos boosted people!

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  2. Vitor Pinto


    one question if I may. Always been told that once I replace the stock downpipes with higher flowing ones, the turbos will start to leak oil and it is just a matter of time before I need to replace the turbos. Never quite understand why but it the explanation was along the lines of the turbos would react like this with the freer exhaust… Did you experienced anything like this? Thanks.

  3. Chances are slim if the turbos are in good shape. We’ve installed a tremendous amount of downpipes on stock turbos and haven’t had any smoking issues. Some things to check are the pcv system and use thicker viscosity oil when possible. The CATs do help cover up any existing conditions with smoking.

  4. Cesar M.


    I made the same power with upgraded turbos! It is time for an intercooler system upgrade!

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  7. […] We’ve known Miss Melissa for a few years now and she’s been a die hard drifter ever since she had the opportunity to try it herself.  There’s a good chance you’ll see her if you frequent the drift circuits like Irwindale in SoCal.  Her poor car has seen alot of abuse but it just keeps going.  She sent me a text one day out of the blue if we would install a pair of turbos on her car.  I kept an open mind and knew something like this undertaking was opening a can of worms.  Its not as simple as one may think, throw some turbos on and your done.  Doesn’t really work that way most of the time.  Melissa’s Z32 is pretty stockish in the performance department.  It packs a JWT Single POP, Boost Jets, JWT ECU, Stock Fuel Injectors, Genie Catback, SZ Clutch & Flywheel.  That’s it for mods.  So when she asked about upgrading turbos we scratched our heads.  There was plenty more to do before she truly maxed the stock turbos potential.  For those who missed it, this is the pride and joy (click me). […]

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  9. Benjamin Fisher

    I have a 1993 twin turbo MT and I just got Z1 motorsports downpipes test pipes and hks hi power exhaust….also got new intercoolers as well and a ecu upgrade turbo jets that will be pushing 14psi, intake……I will be running 93 octane all the time any idea where abouts I may be at rwhp

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