Melissa Drifts & Godspeed Turbos

We’ve known Miss Melissa for a few years now and she’s been a die hard drifter ever since she had the opportunity to try it herself.  There’s a good chance you’ll see her if you frequent the drift circuits like Irwindale in SoCal.  Her poor car has seen alot of abuse but it just keeps going.  She sent me a text one day out of the blue if we would install a pair of turbos on her car.  I kept an open mind and knew something like this undertaking was opening a can of worms.  Its not as simple as one may think, throw some turbos on and your done.  Doesn’t really work that way most of the time.  Melissa’s Z32 is pretty stockish in the performance department.  It packs a JWT Single POP, Boost Jets, JWT ECU, Stock Fuel Injectors, Genie Catback, SZ Clutch & Flywheel.  That’s it for mods.  So when she asked about upgrading turbos we scratched our heads.  There was plenty more to do before she truly maxed the stock turbos potential.  For those who missed it, this is the pride and joy (click me).

Godspeed hooked her up with a pair of their new turbos and intercoolers.  Our opportunity to see what cheap Chinese made turbos look & perform.  Chinese parts\copies have taken over our market by storm.  Its amazing that the consumer will buy the cheapest option, thinking only with their pocketbooks.  Anyways that’s enough of ranting, I can go on and on and on and on and on……..

To simplify things and minimize the can of worms we opted to install the turbos with the engine in the chassis.

Specs direct from Godspeed:

Compressor Trim 60 Exhaust Trim 63
Intake side inducer 46.48
Intake side exducer 60
Exhaust side inducer 53
Exhaust side exducer 47.12
Internal wastegate set at : 12 psi

We found that the wastegates were totally off.  One opened at 5 psi the other at 9 psi.  We set them for 13-ish psi.  Keeping in mind Melissa has no boost controller.

Dual port actuator is included.

It’s “hot” side.  4-Bolt housing.  Much larger housing than stock though.  Turbine wheel is a good size.

The “cold” side.  You’ll notice that the inlets and outlets are cast made to fit the Z32 configuration.

Turbo Manufacturer (JiaMu).  A quick Google search brings up some diesel truckers experiences with them.  Let’s hope they last for Melissa’s sake.

Stock cold side on the left, Godspeed on the right.

Stock hot side on the left, Godspeed on the right.

Melissa’s Z32, checkout her site when you have the opportunity @

The results:

This isn’t a straight apples to apples comparison as you can see the boost levels were different along with supporting mods.  11 psi on the stock turbos, 13-14 psi on the Godspeed.  The Godspeed turbos also received a help from their intercoolers along with some down pipes & test pipes.  So I wouldn’t go off this graph.  This is just to show the difference on how the car ended up.  287 whp on stock turbos, stock pre-cats & cat pipes, and stock intercoolers.  341 whp on Godspeed turbos, intercoolers, down pipes, test pipes, and higher boost.  Just so we’re clear on differences.  No tuning was performed and the factory injectors are still performing fueling duties.  This power level is easily attainable on stock turbos as most already know.

We wish you the best in luck with your drifting quest Melissa, and let us know how the turbos hold up.  At least now she’ll be able to smoke the tires more effortlessly through the drift.  Rock on.

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Comments (13)

  1. any chance that she’s coming back to do some tuning and get bigger injectors?

  2. Maybe…………………………..

  3. yes, i’ll be back when I get the injectors 🙂 … and the car back from car jail…

  4. Change out that oil regularly girlfriend!
    Car get impounded?

  5. Minh dang

    hey, how did you change the wastegate from 9 and 5 to 13psi ?

  6. Minh Dang

    Can you adjust it using the boost controller ?

  7. The actuator arm is adjustable and you can tighten or loosen to set the preload using a gauge.

  8. You can adjust boost with a boost controller HOWEVER you need to make sure both turbos are set to the same cracking (base) pressures. Otherwise you will be chasing your tail with boost and engine running issues. A good base boost setting on a Z32 with the B.C. off on larger turbos is around 12-13 psi.

  9. Mark Holtzman

    ewww chinese turbo’s gross

    SPORT 700’s all the way!!!

  10. Ryan Maatta

    are these exact copies of at GT28? like are the wheels are centers interchangeable with say Garretts, could you use them as a base for a gtx swap in?

  11. Can’t confirm this but why would you want to (use Chinese turbos)?

  12. steve

    how do you install the dual port on the wastegate im kinda lost how the stock one runs one, but the godspeed has 2 i dont know the other one leads too

  13. Why did you buy them?????????
    Use only the outer port……shrug.

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