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GTM G35 Sedan HR TT

Steve sent us his black sedan for some sleeper power.  We went to work installing a GTM Stage 2 Twin Turbo Kit with all the fixings.


On the lift ready for surgery

photo (1)Intake manifold off to install the larger fuel injectors, colder spark plugs, and replace both valve covers.

photo (3)The heart of the kit are these GT2860RS turbos with .86 A\R turbine housings (Stage 2)

photo (4)The driver side turbo installed.

photo (5)

Passenger side installed.

photo (6)

We also added a GTM 34 Row Engine Oil Cooler located behind the large intercooler.  The kit uses Tial BOVs which can be seen near the air filters in the above picture.

photo (12)Since we went with the larger 3″ down pipes we modified the Stillen catback to cone up and then down for optimal flow.

photo (13)It would be hard to tell its turbocharged.

photo (10)Boost is controlled with a Blitz sbc-iD Spec-R.

photo (11)For good measure an Innovate MTX Digital Wideband Gauge was installed in the glove box.

photo (7)

photo (9)


Tuned on 91 octane for 449 whp and 388 torque on 9 psi peak of boost.


Rory came by a few weeks ago to tune his 350Z.  Equipped with a JWT TT Kit we went to work replacing a few maintenance items and tuning.

photo (2)


All on a stock block.


91 octane and two different boost levels.  405 whp on 8+ psi and 374 whp on 7 psi.

Tolo Power S2K

This past weekend I made a trip to visit my amazing friend Rob Fuller at ZCG.  While there we had the opportunity to play with one of Rob’s tech’s (Tolo) Honda S2000.  Running a custom turbo kit, not sure what size the turbo is, AEM Series 1 ECU, and E85 we played around with the car.  The car has a completely stock engine in it.

photo (1)


Tolo Power S2K Before and After

The red run was the before, blue the after.  543 whp and 23 psi of boost from the stock engine on E85!


350Z TT

Geo’s 350Z came to us for some attention after some years of running on a Greddy TT kit.  We upgraded the fuel injectors from the RC 440cc to new Bosch 650cc.  We also replaced the ECU with the new Haltech Platinum Pro-Plug-In.  It previously had the old Haltech patch harness kit.  The shortblock has been built with Wiseco forged lower compression pistons and K1 rods.



New Bosch injector on the left and old RC injector on the right.


Tuned on 91 octane for 429 whp and 421 torque.


Update to Boosted G35 Sedan

Ben came back a few weeks ago from Vegas after having completed a few more efficiency changes to the JWT TT Kit.  This allowed us to increase the boost pressures more.  Here was the previous blog post on this G.



All on 91 octane.  Nice increase in power!  There is still more to do to improve upon the efficiency.  Almost 100 torque and whp gained at 5500 RPMs.  Ben’s put over 60,000 miles since we last tuned it!

Nismo Z34 Tune

Jason brought over his beautiful Nismo equipped with Stillen Gen 3 Intake, HFCs, and ARK Catback.

photo (14)







Here’s the baseline (blue run) vs tuned (red run) performed in 4th gear.  Impressive gain of 26 torque and 26 whp at 5200RPMs.


Here’s the final run performed in 5th gear (1:1).  Most impressive peak power and torque!  334 whp and 277 torque.



JoeZie Update

JoeZie has once again gone under the knife in the last year and is back with a new look.  Any good plastic surgeon would agree that she’s radially changed her look.  The photos I took are terrible, please excuse the quality.

Click me for an earlier post about JoeZie.


photo (7)

 All lights are LED now, front to back.


photo (6)


photo (8)


photo (5)


photo (3)


Speaks for itself.


photo (11)

The old clutch (pictured above) was slipping so it was time to replace and upgrade the flywheel with our SZ Flywheel.  We installed our Max Street Clutch.

photo (12)

photo (13)

We strapped her back onto the rollers to see where she’s been up after replacing the clutch and flywheel.


The results were hard to believe at first.  The blue run was performed a couple years ago.  Both runs were done at the exact same tunes and boost level (100 octane fuel).  All that was changed were the clutch and flywheel.  Looks like the old clutch never held the power and the flywheel helped with some of that too.  522 whp versus 446 whp was  an outstanding amount of peak power increase!

photo (1)

Congrats Joe!

Happy 4th of July!


We wish you a happy 4th of July!  Be sure to keep your kids, pets, and Zs safe!  Specialty-Z will be closed today and tomorrow, resuming operations Monday the 8th.


Mildly Modified E85 Z32-TT

Legend’s Z32-TT has basic mods considering how many new parts are available for the Z32.  He was looking for more power safely (until his big build) and with the better availability of ethanol fuel in our area we went ahead and converted the Z to run ethanol.

photo (1)

The Z has the following parts\mods:

  • Stock Longblock
  • Stock Turbos
  • Stock Exhaust Manifolds
  • SZ 2.5″ Super Split Down Pipes
  • SZ 2.5″ Test Pipes
  • SZ 2.5″ Dual Tip Catback
  • Nismo 740cc Fuel Injectors
  • SZ Flywheel
  • SZ Max 6-Puck Clutch
  • Stillen Intercoolers
  • Stock Intercooler & Inlet Piping
  • Selin Translator & JWT Dual POP
  • Blitz sbc-iD Spec-R Boost Controller




We made a baseline pull on 91 octane fuel (green run), and switched over to E85.  We’re very lucky that both our stations carry ethanol that ranges from 80-84% ethanol content throughout the year.   In any case, we made a pull on E85 without touching the boost controller or timing.  We only obviously had to change the fueling.  This is the difference ethanol makes just changing over on this particular Z.  This is partly due to the amazing cooling effect of the fuel.  43 torque was gained at 4500 RPMs and almost 30 whp.  Peak power was up 20 whp and 35 torque.


Here’s the final tune for E85.  Impressive power for the little amount of modifications this Z has.  444 whp and 487 torque!

G37 Sedan Tune

Craig from Vegas came down for a tune and we turned out to make some impressive numbers from the sedan.





Armed with just a catback, HFCs, and a Stillen Gen 3 Intake, all through the 7AT.  320 whp.