Boosted G35 Sedan

Ahhh, nothing like a fast sedan so you can take more than one passenger but you take your family in while smoking the sports car next to you!  Ben’s G35 Sedan is a perfect example of this.  If it wasn’t for the Stoptech brakes this thing would be ultra sleeper.  Ben’s running a built low compression engine coupled with a JWT Sport 700 Kit (GT2860RS’).  Other mods include Cosworth cams and Cosworth Intake Manifold.  We suggested a few changes to Ben to make more BOOST more EFFICIENTLY.  We tuned it to run 9 psi and look forward to turning up the boost to 12-14 psi for more 4-door fury.

Here are the results after tuning this beast.  All on only 9 psi of BOOST.  We’ll be back after making some changes to Ben’s G!  14 psi here we come!

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