EcuTek Tuning Tools

We will be covering just a couple of the immediate tools found in EcuTek to ensure the tuning process goes smoothly.

The first tool you will run is found under the Nissan ECM Tool. Using this tool you will want to clear all learned fuel settings by clicking on the “Rest ECU” button. It is important you do this after your first initial base tune flash. A common misconception is that the ECU is cleared of it’s learned settings when it has been flashed. It does NOT clear\reset the ECU. This has to be done manually through the software.

The next tool is found under the same location. It is the idle learning function. This will be performed once the fuel trims are tight enough. There are times idle learning is simply not possible. Click on the “idle learn” button. ┬áThis will balance both banks of the engine via the throttle bodies.

See video here: