One question we get asked constantly (it’s a great question!) is if e-tuning is just as good or effective as dyno tuning. The answer is rather complicated. Let me try and explain so you can understand.

Being a tuner for as long as I’ve been, seeing, hearing, smelling, and even touching the engine\vehicle is always the best way to perform tuning. An experienced tuner knows when something does not sound right and can get off the throttle when required. They can also use their sense of smell if something is not quite right. Another BIG plus is being able to visually inspect the vehicle\engine for any mechanical problems. For example when e-tuning, we have no way of knowing if your base fuel pressure is properly set, if you have the correct spark plugs installed, if your vehicle has any boost\vacuum leaks, if your engine has enough oil and oil pressure, if your vacuum and boost hose routing is correct, if you’ve properly maintained your vehicle, the list goes on. When e-tuning, I am relying on you to ensure your vehicle is free of ANY issues. I am relying on YOU to be my eyes, ears, and nose! All I have to go off of is a log file. This is the hardest part of e-tuning. When we get local vehicles in for tuning that we have never worked on or put together (forced induction vehicles), we find that over 75% of the time that the vehicle is no where near ready to be tuned! Do your part to ensure your vehicle is 100%, I know many of you entrust someone else, whether it be a shop or individual to perform your work. I can only do so much from my keyboard! When all things are in proper order, e-tuning can be a smooth and actually enjoyable process for both you and I. When I first started on this e-tuning adventure it made me extremely worried because I was giving up so much control and risking my reputation. This is why it is so important everything be correct and that you the customer understand the complexity. You are ultimately responsible for the outcome. I will be doing everything on my end to cross my t’s and dot my i’s.

If your vehicle is forced inducted and you want us to e-tune your vehicle you MUST install an aftermarket quality wideband gauge. This does a few things. If you see that the AFRs are out of place you can get off the throttle. This also provides me with a back up reading. Many times the factory sensors provide inaccurate AFR readings. A forced inducted engine produces more heat that can throw off the readings that the sensors are reporting. Leave nothing to chance! In the end it will ultimately provide a more refined tune. Please familiarize yourself with your vehicle’s boost controller if so equipped. You will be starting with it in the OFF setting. I know of someone who was not educated on how to use their boost controller nor did their shop set it up so that it ran the appropriate boost level when it left their facility. You need to know when to ask questions and the shop needs to do their part to educate their customer. An informed and educated customer helps everyone! Never assume. Ass.u.me=ass, you, me.

We also do NOT provide our tunes UNLOCKED. Simply put it is intellectual property. We like to compare it to going to a 5 star restaurant. You paid for the meal, you didn’t pay for the secret recipe! Try and ask the chef to give you the secret recipe, see what he says!