Dyno Tuning Information

The following are certain procedures and guidelines for knowing what to expect when having your vehicle dyno tuned.  It is critical to know the following so you are prepared for your appointment.

Getting ready for your dyno appointment is extremely important for you, your vehicle and us. By bringing us a vehicle we have never worked on or built in-house we have implemented a mandatory pre-inspection to the dyno tune.  This is super critical for vehicles that are forced inducted as leaks in any area will alter the tune and cause headaches for the tuner.  Newer naturally aspirated vehicles can typically forgo the inspection but ANY vehicle forced inducted will require a pre-inspection.  We assume you are bringing us a sound and healthy engine with the appropriate QUALITY parts (fuel pump(s), wiring, spark plugs, fuel injectors, etc…).  If you have any questions as to your specific setup please call us in advance.  If the vehicle has any known issues please be courteous enough to tell us so we can advise you properly and not waste your time or ours.  You accept responsibility if you need to come back for another appointment because you have failed to bring in a “proper” vehicle.  Pre-inspection cost is $135 and includes a general look over and smoke test.

If your vehicle requires any addressing, you will be charged accordingly for labor costs and parts.  If the issues are serious enough that they cannot be addressed in a timely fashion, be prepared to come back as mentioned above.  If any issues arise while on the dyno and the tune cannot be completed, you are responsible for any completion costs of the tune.

For standalone tuning we typically require you to leave us the vehicle to ensure cold and hot temperature tuning is performed.  Make plans accordingly.

Below are some things to check if you are capable of doing:

  • Ensure the vehicle has the same type of fuel you will be running, and that the vehicle has at least a half-tank.  Any additional fuels be sure you bring with you or contact us in advance as we maybe able to supply you.
  • Ensure all fluids are at the correct level (engine oil, coolant, gear lubricants)
  • Ensure there are NO fluid leaks of any kind. This includes exhaust leaks!!!!
  • Ensure the coolant is entirely bled and cooling fan(s) are working.
  • Ensure the drivetrain is in good condition, including wheel bearings, suspension and related components.
  • If any sensors are faulty or not working, repair or replace them prior to your appointment.
  • Ensure you have the correct spark plugs and appropriate heat range.
  • Perform a boost leak test and fix all leaks prior to your appointment. Boost control tuning and fuel tuning will NOT be accurate if performed with a boost leak. No one thinks they have a boost leak, 80+% typically do!!
  • Ensure fuel pressure is set, locked and recorded. Fuel pressure should be referenced with the engine off, fuel pump running continuously, and again at idle.  If you have a fixed regulator please ensure it is not original from the 1990s
  • All vacuum and boost hoses must be ziptied or secured at their ends. Any hoses that are suspect to chafing or wear should be re-routed or replaced prior to the appointment
  • Ensure boost control and wastegate are correctly plumbed.
  • Ensure turbo and exhaust components are tight and properly fastened. Exhaust leaks can alter the tune especially those near the O2 sensors!!!
  • If the vehicle has been previously tuned by someone else, ensure that you have a copy of the map that is in the ECU and that the computer is not locked. Re-mapping the entire engine from scratch will be more expensive than repairing or editing an existing map (usually).  Z32s need not apply.  Most of the time we have to start from scratch anyway.
  • Ensure all wiring is neat, tidy, properly grounded and protected from heat. There is an extremely distinguishable correlation between vehicle reliability and electrical cleanliness. Maybe it’s an insight to the workmanship of the entire vehicle!

Remember, we are here to help. Please ensure the vehicle is 100% complete and ready before your appointment. Bringing a rushed vehicle will be a waste of your time and money, and we can almost guarantee a re-tune will be required. These vehicles also do not help our reputation, as some customers have a funny way of blaming others when things go wrong. Although some shops would gladly take your money twice, We want you (the customer) to be happy. Tuning your car twice won’t make you happy. So for that reason we won’t tune your car unless we are confident it will be problem free.

Current tuning rates:

  • 1990-1996 300ZX(TT) Factory ECU Tuning $700.
  • Other Nissan tuning prior to 2003 year models is also $700 and you are required to have the appropriate hardware (Nistune board) in your ECU.  We can supply\install if necessary in advance.
  • UpRev tuning for NA vehicles is $850 which includes licensing and ARC licensing.  Re-tuning an existing license holder is a flat $450.
  • UpRev tuning for forced induction vehicles is $950 and includes licensing.  Re-tuning an existing license holder is $600.
  • EcuTek tuning for NA vehicles is $850 which includes licensing.  Re-tuning an existing license is $450.
  • EcuTek tuning for forced inducted vehicles (GTR not included) is $1000 (Flex Fuel is $400 more) which includes licensing. Re-tuning an existing license is $750. ECU Controlled Boost is an additional cost of $200.
  • EcuTek tuning for the GTR please contact us via e-mail or phone.
  • Standalone tuning rates vary so please call us for details.
  • Additional tunes are $250 while already strapped down.

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  2. Simardeep

    2007 335i n54 looking for a dyno tune

  3. Scott pierce

    I have a 2015 srt dodge charger ( hellcat) I have 707 H.P now what would dyno tuning for extra H.P give me.

  4. Hi Scott

    We have no personal experience with the Hellcats, so I am unsure what tuning can do for them.

  5. Bill

    I have a 2010 370z, and am planning on going FI with the Boosted Performance Twin-scroll Turbo, and would like to tune EcuTek with you guys. What are your thoughts on achieving 500whp on a stock block? Ultimately that’s my goal, but would like to hear what you guys think.

  6. Hi Bill

    Not a problem making 500 whp on a Dyno Jet Dyno. We’ve made close to 700 whp on a Dyno Jet Dyno and a stock block. Ultimately we like to leave them around 600 whp for the street. On 91 octane you’ll make right around 450-480 whp safely.

  7. Miguel Amaya

    I have a 2013 370Z with a K&N short cold air intakes and an ARK cat back grip exhaust. Can I get a quote on the cost of a dyno tune. I just started researching and I am extremely interested in dyno tuning my Z to maximize my mods.

  8. Adolfo

    Hello, I have a 1991 300zx TT. I currently am running a z1 EPROMs chip for my mods, is the time you guys do the exact same thing? Just a EPROMs chip and dyno it? Or is there more to the tune?

  9. Edward Padilla

    Hello guys, I recently got a new motor on my 1993 300zx NA 2+2.I also made it from auto to manual. The engine and tranny I got came from japan. The previous owner had installed a python ECU and im not sure if it had a tune. I personally installed AEM fuel pump, OBX headers and a K&N cold air intake. I am currently experiencing hot start up issues and once in a while, small idle issues. What would you guys recommend. I have not done any tune to the car and there are no check engine lights.

  10. Julio Montiel

    Hi I was interested in tuning my 2008 G37 coupe 6MT; currently running on a straight pipe/muffler delete, Stillen Ultra long tube intakes, PPE long tube headers. I was wondering around how much HP would I be looking at? And should I wait to tune it with a cat-back exhaust system(Meisterschaft)

  11. Hi Ed

    Does it have factory fuel injectors? I would recommend going back to a stock ECU\Chip as a test.

  12. T.

    Hello I was interested in getting a tune for my Nissan 300ZX TT, made some mods to the car. 555 CCC injectors, aluminum drive pulley, single air intake, 2.5 down pipes 2.5 cat test pipes, HKS exhaust, 2.5 intercooler pipes 2.5 charge pipes 2.5 planner pipes, upgraded intercoolers, RPS five segment flywheel, signal driveshaft, Gsp t28 600 Turbos, Z1 EEPROM upgrade, waiting for you guys to come back to Delaware next year so I can get it soon what are my realistic expectations as far as horsepower is concerned I’m not a racer I don’t do off Roeding just a regular guy that wants a nice car with a little speed

  13. Not sure what those turbos will support for power. Keep in mind those turbos may not last you very long.

  14. JOSUE Blanco

    I currently have the Turbonetics single turbo kit on my 2005 G35 (RevUp) DE,I want to know what whp I can get safely?

  15. George

    Hey, I’m looking to get my 370z tuned. It has an invidia catback, motordyne art pipes, and I’m still not sure what intakes to go with. Any recommendations? Anything else I should get before an NA tune? Also, why is is Ecutek more expensive than Uprev. Which is better to go with? Thanks.

  16. Steddy

    Hi, I was wondering if you guys tune AWD cars since I have a G37x.

  17. We can by simply removing your front DS. E-mail me for more info (Sebastian).

  18. Jonathan Raya

    Hello, I have a 2014 370z withhigh flow cats, cold air intake, and cat back exhaust will I be fine if I tune myself with an off the shelf tune? My car is running lean right now.

  19. I have a 2007 350z HR , Stillen Ultra Long tube intakes, Tomei exhaust. Should I get a tune and how much HP would i gain if i did?

  20. John

    I have a 1990 300zx tt with mods ready to go to stage 3 how much for dyno tune also not familiar with cars much how much to prep it for a dyno run

  21. Tali McLemore

    I’m interested in an UpRev Tune on my 2015 Infiniti QX70 RWD if possible? How should I go about scheduling an appointment? Also, does licensing transfer from car to car? Thanks you!

  22. Shoot me an e-mail please if you haven’t already to Sebastian.

  23. Shoot me an e-mail please if you haven’t already to Sebastian.

  24. Shoot me an e-mail please if you haven’t already to Sebastian.

  25. Brian Fudenberg

    Good Morning Seb and all at Specialty Z,
    I have a 2018 Infiniti RS400 RWD. What are the current dyno numbers you guys getting from the VR platform? I have heard some amazing things about your shop and even more accolades about the level of tuning. Thank you for your time and response and I hope you all have a great Saturday Morning.


  26. Jared

    Can you guys tune a z32 with a Jim wolf technology ecu

  27. Trevor Anderson

    Hey I have a 2008 g37s and am getting a lot of my exhaust parts in soon. I am looking to get my car tuned after I install the new test pipes and CBE and am wondering if you guys would be able to do a flame/ popcorn tune.

  28. Alex

    I would like more informations for a custom tune. 2015 Nissan GT-R.

  29. Fredrick contreras

    Would like some info on 2018 q50 tune and when can i book a session for a dyno tune thanks all info much appreciated

  30. Fredrick contreras

    Is the back to stock calibration the original oem file saved?

  31. Raul

    Hello I tried calling in to schedule some work. Are you guys closed until the new year?

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