Specialty-Z is focused on providing you the best parts for your Z. We spend the majority of our time doing research on maximizing performance enhancements. While at the same time, making it convenient and fun for the end user to modify his or her Z-Car. We are committed to giving you the best advice and craftsmanship. We pride ourselves in our work and tuning.

We only sell what we believe to be “tried & true” for your Z32. We do all the R&D of installing and abusing these products. You can count on ONE thing from us….NO BS!

Our Personal Vehicles

Greg Dupree was the first person in his time to stick a VG30DETT power plant in an older model Z. Today he has a wicked sleeper boasting over 750+ horsepower.

Comments (16)

  1. caboose

    how do i register or get a hold of yall?

  2. Hi
    You can e-mail me sebastian@specialtyz.com or call us @ 818.703.6272

  3. Percy Cormier

    Looking to get a custom tune for my 2008 G37 coupe. Where are you guys located?

  4. 10060 Canoga Ave
    Unit B
    Chatsworth, CA 91311

  5. Dwight Williams

    Have a 91 Z32TT car interested in building, looking to talk with someone about budget, possibilities, and logistics. Please contact me.

  6. Abdul

    Hi. I just wanted to know when is your next scheduled dyno day in the midwest. Particularly in Michigan.
    I want to get my 400zx tuned for ethanol. It’s heavily moded. But it’s not tuned for ethanol. It was tuned by z1 by the previous owenr

  7. Hi Abdul

    Nothing currently planned. There is tentative plans for Colorado in July sometime. This coming week we will be in Delaware.

  8. joe

    Hi , Can you please send me email regarding the e-tune for my 2016 370Z
    prices and how its done etc…
    currently the care has 1400 km only
    CBE / CAI / HFC

  9. Lou

    Im looking to get a EcuTek tune on my G37.

  10. Hi Lou
    E-mail us please if you haven’t already.

  11. Luis

    Need help in SanDiego.
    Do you have people in the area?

  12. No sir, sorry for the late reply.

  13. Wyatt Cook

    Looking to tune my 2003 350z, not sure what else I should do to it before hand, it is a 5at.. I have isr, test pipes
    Isr exhaust, jwt intake.

  14. James Sheffield

    I live in San Diego. Could you guys tune my 2014 Titan or know of anyone in the area who could? Not UpRev.

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