A day at the drags

Wow!  It’s been over 6 years since we’ve had a private track rental at our local drag strip.  The huge benefits of participating in a private track day is you have nicer cars, nicer people (IQ level seems to be higher as well), better track prep or cars that don’t ruin track prep by breaking or running crappy street tires, and as many runs your heart desires (or your equipment!).  For those in SoCal or anyone for that matter that wants to be a part of the next event, click here.  As usual I had very little time to prep for the even.  Luckily for me and the Z, Dean & Joel were able to get my harnesses’ SFI re-certified just in the knick of time.  A late night tuning session was also in order for my Z on Q16.  For those who have no idea what’s under the hood of my Z32, click here.  The two major differences since that post were Ash Massives I\Cs & 2.5″ I\C Piping.  The best the Z had done previously was an 11.3 E.T. a few years back with slightly fewer mods than what’s done last post and today as it sits.

The night before the event, installing & adjusting the 5-point harnesses.

I was joined by two other Z32 TT friends of ours, Billy and Dr. Dean.  Billy packs Sport 700s while Dean rocks our EXP-90s. Greg’s Z will be under going upgrades for those curious as to why the SZ Blue Monster didn’t make it.  Expect 8s sometime this year.

Beautiful day at the track.

Wild Billy’s Sport 700 Z

Billy’s engine bay. We built this baby back in 2006.

Billy rocking out on the launch getting ready to eat some pony.  He’s running 18″ wheels with some Mickey drag radials out back.  Drive up to the track and racin what he brung!

That’s alot of car lengths!

His goal of running 10s was accomplished.  He ended up running 3x 10 second passes with his best being a 10.8 E.T.

Dean came out with guns blazing.  However he’s been warned by track officials that if he runs 9.99 E.T. or over 135 MPH he will be black listed from the track.  So he dialed down the power and kept it under the limits.  His plan is to attempt breaking into the 9s at a different track further away from home.

Dean’s Z is a complete street car and sees daily use.  Stock chromies with Mickey drag radials.

Smokin’ the tires at the burnout box.  Dean ran an easy 10.2 @ 134 MPH for his best of the day.  What’s even more amazing is he pulled 2x 1.4 60 foots!!!  Incredible.

My pride and joy.

My #1 fan after Sonia.

Cooling off.

My 16″ TE37s with Mickey drag radials.

Safety first.  The rules require anyone running quicker\faster than an 11.5 E.T. needs to have a 5-point roll bar, 5-point harness’ that are within 2 years of being SFI certified, fire jacket, and helmet of course.  There are other rules but these are the most obvious that tech inspectors look for.

He shoots, he……………

Scores!  10 second pass in a Sport 500 car and NO nitrous!  A good example of a properly put together setup with some decent driving.  Look ma!  No hands!  (Automatic)  The Z makes 492 whp.  Got word that April 22nd will be the next private event.

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  1. Dean Delevie

    Was extremely proud to witness your joy in running 10’s in your SP500 car, and Billy doing the same in his MONSTER. Next time, even faster.

  2. Lee Woolfolk

    Congrat. Seb, your car is looking and running good!

  3. Jesus Sanchez

    nice runs seb, can’t wait to get my z up and running to join you guys!

  4. SeedyROM

    Great stuff guys! See you in April.

  5. James

    LMAO at “Look MA, no hands” hahahahaaha

  6. Great runs, Seb, Dean, and Billy. 10s for everyone, leaving me on the lonely list of 11s! I plan to change that this year though.

  7. You need to grab the ball sack and man up! 😉

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