350Z Tune

Luis brought us his Z33 AT for a few goodies and ultimately for a tune on his basic NA DE.  His Z has plenum spacer, catback, resonated test pipes, Nismo C.A.I., and UD pulley.  Needless to say his AFR was way out of whack.  So far so that we felt it was unsafe to get a complete baseline pull.  A week before this we made a few baseline pulls on another Z33 that only had a JWT POP for a mod and was running extremely lean as well.  The JWT POP on the DE engines doesn’t change the sampling tube diameter of the MAF so the intake alone isn’t causing the AFR to be lean.

Here’s Luis’ results:

His base AFR (blue pull) was in the 13s and 14s!  After some tweaking we ended up with a safe AFR and a much peppier Z.  We gained over 25whp in certain areas.

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