James’ Stock Turbo 300ZX TT

James from San Diego has one nice Sapphire Blue Z32TT.  Getting the itch for more power we went to work with some upgrades and maintenance work.


Another sleeper unleashed onto the streets.

A brief list of his power mods:

  • Original Stock Longblock
  • Stock Cams
  • Stock MT Turbos
  • Stock Exhaust Manifolds
  • SZ 3″ 4-Bolt Down Pipes
  • SZ 3″ HFC Pipes
  • SZ 3″ Dual Tip Catback
  • Nismo\300Degree 740cc Fuel Kit
  • Ash Inlet Piping & Selin Translator for Dual POP Setup
  • Ash Intercooler Piping
  • Ash Massive Intercoolers
  • Z1 Throttle Bodies
  • SZ Clutch & Flywheel

We upgraded the factory fuel pump with a Walbro “485” fuel pump since we were going to be running ethanol.  To be able to run ethanol on the stock Nissan ECU we installed our map\tune selector so James can have different tunes for various blends of gasoline and ethanol along with having a full 91 octane tune.  We added a flex fuel sensor and gauge so James knows exactly what ratio he is running.  For those not wanting to worry so much about switching their tunes, Haltech offers automatic compensation for flex fuel.


Tuned for 91 octane for great results.


Tuned for E85 with even more impressive results on stock exhaust manifolds.  Congrats James and thank you!

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Comments (5)

  1. Austin Koester

    Well done.

  2. John Garrison

    Impressive gains in hp and torque, cannot wait until I can get my Zs out there for the E85 tunes.

  3. Ryan Perry

    wtb these tunes

  4. Joseph C Franco

    How’re your results with AUS injectors?
    Looking to order a set of 650cc.

  5. We’ve not used them personally. We stick to what works thus far (NISMO or Injector Dynamics).

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