2014 GTR Tuning

Since we’ve become an ECUTek tuner we now have the ability to play with the GTR.  Enter the following 2014 GTR.



The 3rd Gen R35 GTR, each year is better and better with improved refinements top to bottom.

The goal for this GTR this time around was to get it tuned properly for 91 octane as the GTR is meant for a minimum of 93 octane from the factory.  Knock is high on our wonderful 91 octane fuel so things needed to change in the tune.  Besides tuning for 91 octane we also went to work by upgrading this GTR to run ethanol fuel.  We upgraded to 1300cc fuel injectors and also replaced the secondary fuel pump to a Walbro 485 pump.  We were interested in seeing what a bone stock GTR with a tune for both 91 octane fuel and ethanol would do.


Ready for the injector swap.


Our 1300cc fuel injectors.


Factory fuel pump assembly that houses the twin pumps.


Stock pumps sitting together, we installed a single Walbro 485 to replace the secondary pump.  Since one Walbro can support 600whp on ethanol we felt leaving the primary pump stock more than adequate for stock turbo power levels.


Baseline on the stock tune and stock fuel injectors.


Tuned on 91 octane tweaking boost, AFRs, and timing to make it happy and not knock (on the new 1300cc fuel injectors)


Tune on ethanol for impressive gains.  All on a bone stock GTR (other than injectors, pump, and tune).


All 3 runs plotted together to show the differences.  Next up, exhaust mods!

Comments (6)

  1. Steve

    Exhaust should put you near the 700 who mark with the corn. Impressive seb. I’ll be curious to see what that other blue GTR does as an a/b.

  2. Thanks Steve. Looking forward to what the bolt-ons will provide. We have a coupe more coming in for comparisons, a 2012 and 2010.

  3. Mahesh

    Did you guys get an AWD dyno?

    BTW, sick results on this GTR. Really looking forward to the comparisons between the model years.

  4. Adel

    Really curious on your dyno results for 94 Octane before and after bolt-ons, as we can’t get E85 here (Canada).

  5. Adel

    With bolt-ons and tune, GT-Rs of all years should yield similar results. BTW, GT-Rs with stock internals, as a loose rule of thumb, are fine up to mid-600 wheel torque on Dynojet (…or 600 wheel torque on a Mustang). Beyond that, OEM engine and tranny internals may be on borrowed time, depending on how the car is run.

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