The Drifting Queen of Z32

Miss Miller made her way in a few weeks ago for some tuning on her sideways Z.  We’ve seen this Z go through many phases and this is its best its been under the hood.

Under the hood are some nice goodies like Z1 600R Turbo Kit, Z1 2.5″ Intercooler Piping and Intercoolers, MSP Exhaust Manifolds and Nismo 740cc Fuel Injectors.



We dig the paint\color scheme with its fade in\out colors.  The splattered timing covers are a nice touch.  This VG is tuned and controlled by an AEM Series 2 ECU.



Mean shot on the dyno roller!


Tuned for 91 octane with an impressive 470 whp on 15 psi.


Melissa posing next to Joezie.


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