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Mr. Billy S brought us his Z32TT AT last year with some basic mods.  His Z came equipped with JWT Sport 500s, stock auto trans, stock intercooler piping, Nismo 555cc Injectors, stock exhaust manifolds, Chinese 2.4″ down pipes, stock cat pipes, Borla catback, Selin Dual POP Kit, and Snow Performance Meth\Water injection kit.  Need less to say the dyno results weren’t spectacular with his list of mods.  We took the time to “educate” Bill on how to better improve the efficiency of his setup without having to make any “huge” changes.  Throughout the course of a year, Bill put on 2.5″ IC piping and we installed a built SZ transmission, SZ 3″ 4-Bolt DPs, SZ 3″ Test Pipes, and SZ 3″ Catback to top it all off.  Bill also stepped up the nozzle size on the Snow Performance kit.  Exhaust manifolds were not upgraded.  Bill is currently planning his next “big” upgrade.  Some of us just can’t get enough.

This dyno graph shows you the difference from his old mods to the new mods.  If you read the paragraph above you’d know what the differences were.  The after shows a dramatic difference across the entire powerband with the largest gains found in the mid-range.  At 4k we freed up another 70 torque and 50 whp.  This is on 91 octane.  Click the graph to see its full size.

This graph again shows you the difference between the mods and this is on meth injection (Boost Juice).  On his old mods and running meth we found NO added power from turning up the boost.  This is when efficiency comes back into play.  No need to run more boost and make the same or less power.  The after is very impressive.  Running meth and 91 octane fuel with the new mods we saw 110 whp & 105 torque gains at 5500RPMs.  We were able to run higher boost with the new breather mods and make power like planned.  This won’t be the last of Mr. Sutton’s quest for more power.

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  1. Revtech

    Didn’t Bill Sutton have JWT SP500 turbos as well?

  2. Yes, it says that in the first line.

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