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Reza’s 240SX Drifter


You won’t find the typical SR engine in this S14. Still powered using a Nissan engine, the sound alone will let you know its packing more under the hood.

Reza had us install a Nistune board in the ECU so we could tune the car. We also cleaned up a few things throughout the car, installing colder spark plugs, replacing coil pack connectors, etc. We also finished up the install of a Nitrous Express nitrous system.


We made a new intake pipe to properly hold the new NX Shark Nozzle. We went with a small 50HP shot to give Reza a nice blast of instant power and torque when needed.


If you couldn’t tell in the previous picture, its a V8! Its the VH45DE found in the 1990’s Infiniti Q45. All aluminum to boot! Engine is practically stock aside from the intake, long tube headers, and exhaust system


Our baseline pull is in blue, note the torque and power drop offs throughout the powerband. We finished up our 91 octane tune in green. Great gains everywhere. We gained as much as 60 lb\ft of torque and 50 whp in certain areas! We installed the Nitrous Express Maximizer 4 controller to make sure our nitrous shot (50HP), would only turn on when it should. This meant turning it on above 3500 RPMs and shutting it off completely by 6500 RPMs. Ensuring that we wouldn’t be too close to the rev limiter. Nitrous and factory rev limiters do not work well together. The controller also allows us to set throttle activation. We made sure that it would come on above 75% throttle openings. Another great feature this controller allows us to do is progressively turn on and off the nitrous. We have it coming on 100% at 3500 RPMs but as we get to 6500 RPMs we taper the nitrous duty cycle. Nitrous run is red if it wasn’t obvious enough. A fantastic way to increase power. Nitrous should only be used in controlled environments where the user can ensure that pressures are correct and regular maintenance is performed.