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Rob’s 300ZX TT

As the availability of ethanol has increased in SoCal (depending where in SoCal you live).  Rob’s itched to get the fuel in his Z along with other upgrades performed.  This Z32 is using JWT GTX63 Turbos, JWT 500 Cams, MSP Exhaust Manifolds, SZ 3″ Down Pipes, SZ 3″ to 2.5″ T-Pipes, and SZ 2.5″ Catback.  For fueling we turned to the BDE Top Feed Fuel Rail Kit with Bosch 1150cc fuel injectors.  Currently the Z is running a single Walbro 485 fuel pump which limited us as to how much power we could run.  Later on down the road we will add a second fuel pump to get the most out of the engine\turbo hardware.    To harmoniously control the engine and all the fueling we turn to the Haltech Platinum Pro-Plug In ECU and supporting sensors.  This allows the Z to be a full “flex fuel” vehicle.  Rob can pump in any different combination of 91 octane gasoline and ethanol fuel and not worry about having to switch tunes.  No guessing or worrying!


To simplify plumbing we fabricated our own metal hard line for the BDE rails.  Always after a clean and detail oriented engine bay.


Rob can monitor ethanol content with the use of this Dynosty gauge.  Here it shows a content of 46 if you couldn’t tell.


With a fresh engine in place we were able to make great power on terrible CA 91 Octane gasoline.


On an ethanol content of 78% and at this power level our single Walbro fuel pump was dropping fuel pressure.  Adding a 2nd fuel pump will get us around 750-800 whp.


For the time being we’ll leave the power level here (613 whp) on about 20 psi of boost.  This gives the pump some comfortable working room.  Thank you to Rob, BDE, JWT, and Haltech!

Josh’s 370Z TT

How’s that saying go?  A little more makes it better?  Well, what we have here is Josh’s beautiful black Nismo that has been transformed to be a killer.  A Fast Intentions Twin Turbo Kit.  This time its armed with HTA-68 Turbos covered by Alpha Compressor Housings.  The F.I. kit is all encompassing.  Should you need want the ultimate in power you can select from many different turbochargers to fit the bill.


Besides looking good, you’ll find this Z on road courses doing some time and kicking ass.


There really isn’t much to see when the hood is open.  Looks better than something the factory could put out.


One very important note to make is we converted the fuel system to a return style, similar to Norman’s Z.  In Josh’s Z we went with an Aeromotive 340 fuel pump.  We were impressed by its performance, as we ran only ethanol fuel.


9 psi of boost on ethanol.


10+ psi of boost, again on ethanol.


13 psi of boost, yes on ethanol, and also on a stock engine.  Could we have gone further?  Sure!  We have to control ourselves at some point however!  What’s that saying go??