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John’s 2009 GTR


John’s GTR has downpipes, y-pipe, and the stock mufflers removed on the factory piping.  It also uses K&N drop-in air filters in the factory air box.

We went to work tuning the GTR with EcuTek for excellent gains in power, safety, and drivability.


527 whp and 518 torque on 91 octane.  John now has the ability to control his boost pressure levels, valet mode, and adjust his launch control RPM all on the fly!

Masis’s Built NA 350Z



Masis dropped by with his 2006 350Z for some tuning on 91 octane.  It uses a naturally aspirated built IPP long block running 11:1 Wiseco pistons and Eagle rods.  It also uses JWT S7 camshaft featuring 262 degrees of duration and 11.43mm of lift.  For the exhaust it uses aftermarket headers, test pipes, and NISMO catback.  On the intake side it uses a Kinetix intake manifold and Injen cold air intake.tune290 whp and 260 torque.  With higher octane fuel or ethanol this Z can make well over 300 whp.