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Lotus-Westfield XI

Paul brought us his Lotus replica after a recommendation from a friend.  We went to work tuning it as soon as we strapped it down!  It uses a Canems with two fuel injectors (port injection).  One injector per 2x cylinders.  The engine is a BMC 1275 A-series from a 60’s MG Midget.

From Paul: “Engine has been modified with custom fuel injection and a crank triggered wasted spark ignition system.
The throttle body is from a Honda RC51 superbike adapted to an SU intake manifold (I’m only using one of the bike’s throttle bodies).  Injectors have been changed to larger items (460 cc/min @ 3 bar).  The throttle body has twin injectors and I have configured the ECU with multi-point control (one injector for cylinders 1 & 4 and the other injector for cylinders 2 & 3).”

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This was definitely one of the more unique vehicles I have tuned.  I was somewhat concerned with how well the port injection was going to work with one injector for two cylinders.  Overall it runs fantastic and is a blast to take a ride in!



St. Louis 2013 Heavy Hitters Club

Earlier this year we tuned several high HP Zs.  Here are a few of them.  All running on ethanol fuel (50-70%).



First up we have Anthony, running on HKS 2530s, JWT 400+ cams, head work, SZ 3″ Down Pipes & Test Pipes, ID 1000cc injectors, and 2.5″ IC Piping.  Amazing response and torque.  500 torque at just 4000 RPM.  Just made 700 whp and 683 torque!


Nest up is Dennis, his Z came equipped with GT2860RS turbos, JWT 500 cams, full ASH piping, 1000cc injectors, SZ 3″ Down Pipes and Test Pipes.  726 whp and 638 torque.


Petar came in with GTX2863 turbo muscle, JWT 500 Cams, SZ 3″ Down Pipes and test pipes.  Excuse the tach loss between 5000 and 5250 rpm.  798 whp and 720 torque.


Equipped with a Haltech ECU and flex fuel sensor, Ray is equipped with old skool TD06L2-20G Mitsu turbos, SZ Inconel Manifolds, full 3″ exhaust. JWT 500 cams.  Running on ID2000cc injectors.

830 whp and 670 torque.

Z32 Stock Turbo Breather Upgrades

This Z32 TT came to us after not having run for a long time.  We went to work performing the required maintenance and upgrading along the way.  It WAS stock when it arrived and left a much happier Z.

We replaced all the original fuel injectors as a couple were bad and used Nismo 740cc injectors as replacements (“JECs” or DW need not apply here).  While the plenum was off we replaced all seals and gaskets, along with bypassing the water hoses.  Throttle bodies were upgraded with larger Z1 units.  Intercooler piping was upgraded with Ash 2.5″ units along with Massive Intercoolers and a Selin Dual POP Kit was added.  It retains the factory inlet piping and the factory exhaust manifolds.  SZ 3″ 4-Bolt Down Pipes, SZ 3″ to 2.5″ Test Pipes, and SZ Dual Tip Resonated X-Pipe Catback replaces the entire factory exhaust.  SZ\RPS Sport Street Clutch and SZ Flywheel were also installed to support the higher power output.

A Blitz sbc-iD Spec-R Boost Controller was also installed to increase the boost.



Super clean and tidy while being a sleeper.


We unfortunately could NOT get a bsaeline.  It came in misfiring and in terrible shape.  We achieved peak power at 6100 RPMs with 14 psi.  Peak torque of 411 ft\lbs at 4500 RPM.   91 octane fuel.

Sage Track 350Z

Precision Z brought over the Universal City Nissan Track Z33 for some tuning.  Armed with minor bolt-ons and JWT cams we went to work tuning.







We didn’t complete the baseline run because of how far off (dangerous) the original tune was.  At 3k RPM we gained an impressive 42 ft\lbs of torque!  Now this VQ can make power all the way to redline, safely!

Doug’s 2by2 TT

Doug converted his NA 2by2 to a TT many years ago and recently brought it to us for a major overhaul.  It came to us equipped with an old and tired JDM transplant sporting Sport 500 turbos.  Doug wanted to keep the turbos the same for now along with the old 2.5″ exhaust from the turbos back.  We installed a Stage 1 IPP Long Block and added JWT 500 cams with new lifters.  Added a set of MSP Manifolds.  He already had Sard 850cc injectors and 300Degree rails, we did find that his TT fuel pump he had installed years ago dropping pressure so we installed a new pump with the appropriate modifications.  BDE Low Pro Motor Mounts were added to ease the install of the Ash inlet piping.  Ash 2.5″ intercooler piping was added along with a Selin translator with HR\VHR Pops.














Very pleased with the results for Sport 500 turbos on 91 octane and full 2.5″ exhaust and a brand new engine.

More Z32 NA power

It’s been awhile since the last time I posted.  I apologize for not having been on top of the updates.

Many months ago Michael brought us his NA from San Diego.



A most excellent gain of 24 whp at 6500RPM and gains all throughout the RPM band.