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SR20DET Power Up

Dante brought us his ’91 240SX for some upgrades and tuning.  We upgraded the fuel injectors to Nismo 740s, and swapped in a Z32 MAF.  The SR engine has the stock exhaust manifold and turbo still attached to it.  A Blitz sbc-iD Spec-R controls the boost.  Stock down pipe and full 2.5″ exhaust along with a Greddy intake manifold.

91 octane & a peak of 14 psi.

Vinny Ten Speaking the Truth













I felt such an overwhelming emotion to post this on our blog.  Vinny hits it right on the target.  Something all good shops deal with.  People with unrealistic expectations and “professional” shops or that kid next door working out of his garage whoring out this market.  You people know who you are.