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HKS SC’ed 350Z

The owner of this 350Z originally came to us with full bolt-ons and we tuned him for 265 whp (blue run).  Several months later he got the itch for boost and added an HKS SC kit.  We then went to work and tuned it (red run).  All on a stock engine.


Return of the Sutton

Bill came back to us after a year of running around on this setup: click me!

This automatic Z32 is now equipped with GT2860RS turbos, MS Manifolds, SZ 3″ 5- Bolt Down Pipes, and SZ 3″ to 2.5″ Test Pipes.  The stock “JDM” cams remained the same.  The methanol system was deleted in favor of race fuel.

On 91 octane fuel compared to his best on his stock turbos.  Some low end was sacrificed for top end power.  One thing holding back the low end and top end is cams and cam tuning.

His old meth on 91 octane (blue) versus his now Q16 tune.  Great numbers for a stock-cammed automatic Z32!

Pro Charged G35

This G35 has a built engine and an ATI Pro-Charger turning 12 psi.  There are plans for a GTM TT kit to make more power than what the ATI can offer at 12 psi.