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Rode Hard Put Away Wet

Cons’ 2nd Z and (track) beater is this NA Z32 that graces its presence on our blog.  Its a slicktop that serves its purpose as a road race Z so that his pretty white TT can sleep peacefully knowing no rock chips or deadly oil starving corners await ready to pounce.

On its first stop to SZ we fixed a major oil leak, rerouted\fixed his PCV system, added an Unorthodox Crank Pulley, HI OD Water Pump Pulley, fixed some suspension issues, and finally strapped it on the dyno to see what this little NA VG had in it.  Engine mods are limited to a catback, UD pulley, and pop filter.  Rotora Brakes, Powertrix Coilovers, strut tower braces (F&R) and a mix of other adjustable rods and arms round up the braking & suspension mods.

We made one pull and found that it was running extremely lean (blue run).  This confirmed my thinking on how far off the NA programs are off stock or tuned.  Fuel changes over the years has really adversely affected mixtures.  This is the 4th NA that’s come in this way.  Making 2 pulls we were able to richen up the mixture (red run) to be safer and add some much needed power that the VG30DEs need.  Any will help even if its +7 HP.  Ignition timing was not adjusted since this was a quick and dirty pull just to see how much power it made.  No intentions on tuning.  So there maybe some more left in it, however Cons will wait until he pulls the trigger on a set of cams and headers.  Stay tuned for more from this little NA.

Must….. not….. let….. the….. Honda …..pass……

Wilken Z

Paul came to us from Arizona to tune his beautiful red Z32TT.  Already sporting our SZ ECU Switcher we went to work tuning for 91 and 100 octane fuels.  An overview of this red Z’s engine performance mods:

  • IPP Built Engine
  • Stock Cams
  • Stock IC Piping
  • MSP Manifolds
  • JWT Sport 500 Turbos
  • 3″ Downpipes & Test Pipes
  • B&B 2.5″ Catback
  • Greddy Profec-B Spec 2 EBC
  • SZ Max Street Clutch & Flywheel
  • Nismo 615cc Injectors

First up is the 91 tune.  Strong #s for 91 octane, boost peaked to 16+ psi around 4400 RPM and tapering down as RPMs climbed.  Gotta love small turbo torque.

100 Octane tune for an impressive 500+whp.  Two runs are shown, the blue run it slipped the drum roller from 4100 RPMs to 5200 RPMs.  The cold tires couldn’t grip the roller very well with all that instant torque.  The red run displays a clean pull once the tires heated up.

Against All Odds and a Monster Awakens

Jon’s Z story is sadly alot like the other doom and gloom stories.  Thankfully after much love and a heavy therapy session at Specialty-Z there are no longer clouds looming over this Z.

Mods are as follows:

  • Built Engine
  • JWT 400 Cams
  • HKS Turbos (unknown size, possibly 2530s)
  • Tubular Exhaust Manifolds (mid-length)
  • ASH 2.5″ IC Piping & Massives
  • Larger Throttle Bodies
  • ASH Inlet Pipe Kit
  • Border 850cc Fuel Kit
  • SZ modified 2.5″ SS Downpipes
  • Custom 3″ Test Pipes & Catback
  • Twin Disc Clutch

After fixing the tremendous amount of issues we began to tackle this Z on the dyno for some data logging and tuning.   After a few pulls we uncovered more issues that needed addressing.  The Z came us with solid intake cam gears.  We installed a set of BDE Intake Cam Gears to revive Nissan’s VTC system.  Unfortunately we found that the VTCs were still not working.  We pulled the valve covers and found that the check valves were not installed in the back of the cams.  Adding the much needed check valves did the trick.  We also found that the fuel pressure was abnormal, very abnormal.  It was causing tuning grief and running too lean at 3300 RPM up until 4200 RPM.  This was remedied by untangling old bad work.

Fuel pressure reading on the lowest graph.  You can see how its running base fuel pressure up until 4200+RPM.  This is not good as you can see how lean it gets.  You can also see how it hurts power causing a nice dip.

Here is the graph (red run) after we fixed the fuel pressure issues.  The old bad run (blue) is displayed to show the obvious differences.  35 torque and 35 whp gain.

This graph shows the dramatic difference that a working VTC system can make.  The blue run was prior to fixing the VTCs.  Red is after with the VTC system working.  75 torque and 57 whp gain!!!!!!  Look at how the turbos react (boost curve).

The most impressive thing about this Z is its ability to make power on 91 octane and its strength against the evil California fuel.  You can’t hold it back.  It will go all the way.

If you can’t see it clearly enough, that graph says 564 whp & 501 torque.  It also says peak boost pressure of 20 psi.  All this on 91 octane.  A freak, an anomaly, a monster.  This Z gets to have its cake and eat it too.  It also takes other people’s cakes and eats it too!  It has amazing low end response, top end power, and makes a shit load of safe reliable power on 91 octane.  So much power that Jon declined to make any higher octane tuning.  Really?  Too much for you eh, Jon?

Congratulations to Aaron!

Job well done and thank you for allowing us to provide you with our services!  Check out this month’s Grassroots Motorsports Magazine!