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Methed AT Addict ;)

Mr. Billy S brought us his Z32TT AT last year with some basic mods.  His Z came equipped with JWT Sport 500s, stock auto trans, stock intercooler piping, Nismo 555cc Injectors, stock exhaust manifolds, Chinese 2.4″ down pipes, stock cat pipes, Borla catback, Selin Dual POP Kit, and Snow Performance Meth\Water injection kit.  Need less to say the dyno results weren’t spectacular with his list of mods.  We took the time to “educate” Bill on how to better improve the efficiency of his setup without having to make any “huge” changes.  Throughout the course of a year, Bill put on 2.5″ IC piping and we installed a built SZ transmission, SZ 3″ 4-Bolt DPs, SZ 3″ Test Pipes, and SZ 3″ Catback to top it all off.  Bill also stepped up the nozzle size on the Snow Performance kit.  Exhaust manifolds were not upgraded.  Bill is currently planning his next “big” upgrade.  Some of us just can’t get enough.

This dyno graph shows you the difference from his old mods to the new mods.  If you read the paragraph above you’d know what the differences were.  The after shows a dramatic difference across the entire powerband with the largest gains found in the mid-range.  At 4k we freed up another 70 torque and 50 whp.  This is on 91 octane.  Click the graph to see its full size.

This graph again shows you the difference between the mods and this is on meth injection (Boost Juice).  On his old mods and running meth we found NO added power from turning up the boost.  This is when efficiency comes back into play.  No need to run more boost and make the same or less power.  The after is very impressive.  Running meth and 91 octane fuel with the new mods we saw 110 whp & 105 torque gains at 5500RPMs.  We were able to run higher boost with the new breather mods and make power like planned.  This won’t be the last of Mr. Sutton’s quest for more power.

M370 Results

Jason brought us his 370Z equipped with an AT for some dyno comparison on the Motordyne M370 Intake Manifold.  Tony @ Motordyne has taken the HR intake manifold that came equipped on the 07-08 Z33s and modified them to work on the VHR engines.  The result is improved power & torque up to 6200 RPMs.  The runner length is one of the largest differences when it comes to the two intake manifold differences.  Results below.

Factory engine cover can be installed for those wondering.

Some nice gains to be had.  We saw an average of 7 HP & Torque with a good amount gained between 3800 and 6200 RPMs.  At 5K we gained 11 torque and 12 whp.

Trust Your Lust

When Dean M. brought us his baby for tuning and some clutch job, he thought he was “done” modding his Z.  Anytime we @ SZ see any room for improvement we’ll let you know.  Dean is rocking some Sport 500s, purple top 555 Nismos, SZ 2.5″ DPs & TPs, HKS “old skool” dual tip catback, stock exhaust manifolds, JWT Dual POP, and Greddy Profec-B EBC.  We let Dean know that there were significant improvements in the Z32 mod world and that before he planned upgrading turbos he can easily perform other supporting mods to give him better response and possibly the same or more power than a turbo upgrade would provide.

This story does not end here as we tuned Dean’s Z as is w\o adding any new funky fresh mods.  After discussing his long term goals we agreed that in the next few months we would add our SZ 3″ DPs and 3″ to 2.5″ TPs.  I’m working on the catback change.  Hopefully Dean will agree!  If so we’d go full SZ 3″ TPs and SZ Catback.  Next in line would be Z1 TBs, Ash I\C & Inlet Piping, along with some Ash Massive I\Cs, topping it all off with some Nismo 740cc injectors and 300Degree Rails.  We performed the following dyno sometime last year with his current and old skool mods.

While we had Dean’s Z for servicing, we added the Aruba Dave brace.  Nice piece with clean welds.

Here’s Dean’s Dyno graph for his “old skool” mods.  Both on 91 & 100 Octane.  Another one of those where more boost doesn’t make more power.  He’s got a potato in the tail pipe! 😉  Stay tuned for Dean’s new skool mod results in the upcoming months.

Dean’s Z is @ the shop at this very moment for some suspension work.  Turns out those Teins really do ride like shit.  Well, its relative but Dean’s ready to ditch his Tein EDFC setup in favor of some new Nissan shocks and Eibach springs.

Till next time!  Keep the rubber side down.

And another 2012

Another congrats is in order for our boy Mark.  He came by a few weeks ago to surprise us with his new purchase.

I’m starting to wonder that this blue color isn’t quite as rare as I thought.  😉

Here the GTR is getting wetsanded to remove the factory “orange peel”.

It’s hard to tell in the picture but there is a big difference shown here on the rear fender.

I had the opportunity to drive Mark’s GTR and it’s an amazing vehicle.  Thanks for the ride!