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Drop Top Z34

Charles came by a few weeks ago to see what we could do for his topless Z.  Armed with a Stillen Catback from the get go, we pointed out that his tips were sticking out way tooooo far.  Not a sexy look.  We had a quick fix for his hyper-thyroided tips.  Charles also had Eibach Pro-Kit springs installed only to suffer from too much negative camber and wheels that sunk far into the fenders like a scared dog with its tail between its legs.  This is where we went to work.

We installed a set of SPL’s Camber Links out back along with SPC Camber\Toe Bolts.  The new hybrid adjusters on the arms are extremely well made to keep the link from shifting position.

After installing the adjustable rear suspension components we added a set of 20mm wheel spacers front and rear to lose that unsightly sunk in look; followed by an alignment.

After pics:

We followed up the looks and suspension add ons with a tune.  Charles has a Stillen Gen 3 CAI & Catback for his performance mods.  Some decent gains.

Momentum Performance Turbo Kits for the 350Z & G35!

Momentum came to us with their new single turbo kit out for the 350Z & G35.  We looked at the kit, its design and the components used and its hard to beat it!  High quality parts, great instructions, completeness make for a simple and stress free installation.  Along with reliability, power, and fun to the end user.  Although it looks like a similar kit that came out years ago (that’s where the similarities end), Momentum stepped up the game using larger turbo inlet and outlet piping.  A larger 3″ downpipe is used for better efficiency of the system.  That’s the name of the game when turbocharging, improving efficiency, not more boost to make power (to a certain degree).  Aside from just making a turbo kit, Momentum also offers headers & catback systems to compliment the turbo kit

At the heart of the kit is a Garrett GT35R fed exhaust gases by a Tial SS Cast V-Band Turbine Housing.  Use of this housing allows for a quicker spool by getting more heat (energy) to the turbine wheel versus a standard cast housing.  Excess exhaust energy is released by the use of a Tial MV-R wastegate and compressor source combated by a Tial Q BOV (MAF is blow-thru for no over-rich conditions).

Peek a boo!  GT35R utilizing the Tial V-Band Turbine Housing,  Also pictured is the Tial BOV.

Quality is also the name of the game, beautifully welded piping and exhaust show that its not just about making power but having an overall complete package.  The kit is available as a complete package with fueling (Walbro Fuel Pump & DW 600cc Injectors) and ECU (UpRev Flash) included along with colder spark plugs (6 heat range).  The tuner kit will not include fuel or tuning for those who already have this side of things addressed.  The standard options include polished piping and exhaust or for a little more you can opt to have texture black or gray piping and even have the exhaust ceramic coated.

Texture Black Piping shown above

Just plain sexy.  This kit will produce up to 600whp for those with built VQDEs and a safe 400whp on stock engines.

Tuner Kit pictured above

Available now at our store and also available for in house install.  Please e-mail or call us @ 818.703.6272 for anymore information and pricing.

Nitrous’d Z33

Alex came back to us for some nitrous loving.  Alex has been taking his Z to the Mojave Mile for some blasts down the strip.

Running a 80HP shot we saw some nice gains, especially for a Z with mild bolt ons.  We tuned a map for him just for nitrous use and 100 octane fuel.

Almost 100 torque gained at 4500RPMs.  When done right and in controlled situations nitrous works great.  Blue run is his standard 91 octane tune.  You can see the nitrous is set to come on at 3600 RPMs and shut off at 6500 RPMs.

RB & SR fun

Juanito brought by a couple cars for us to play with.  One is an S14 equipped with Nissan’s RB25DET.  Great engine with lots of potential thanks to it being VTC equipped.  This particular setup was on a completely stock turbo and engine with basic breathing mods (intake & exhaust) with a Z32 MAF.

285 whp on 91 octane, 12 psi of boost on stock turbo & engine.

The next S13 came equipped with a factory redtop SR20DET with what we think is a Garrett 2871R turbo.  A few issues arose but we were able to fix them on the spot.

291 whp on almost 15 psi of boost (91 octane).  The wastegate was not opening up at a safe level so we had to modify the actuator arm length to get a safer boost level.  This is why the boost level is lower on the red run and lower at the lower RPM level.  There are a few ways to get the low RPM boot response higher via a high quality electronic boost controller and better W\G actuator.