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Auto Dream Z32

Ken from Idaho brought over his Z32 for some tuning sometime last year.  Ken’s Z is absolutley beautiful inside and out.  This Z is equipped with an auto trans hence the title of this post.  Ken’s running a stock long-block with 2560R turbos, MS Manifolds, Selin Dual POP, SZ\300Degree 740cc Fuel Kit,  SZ 2.5″ DPs, TPs, and Catback, Stillen I\Cs, SZ Auto Trans, and Blitz Spec-R Boost Controller.

A cleanly executed engine bay.

The original charcoal grey paint was in immaculate condition.

Tuned for 91 Octane (Red Run) and 100 Octane (Blue Run).

Procharged Widebody Z33

Jesse’s mean looking Z has spent tremendous amount of time at the beauty shop but this Z also packs some heat under the hood.  After getting it back from the body shop Jesse brought it over to us to make sure his Z was “healthy” enough for some boost.  This Z sports ATI’s Pro-Charger air-cooled centrifugal supercharger.  It came to us with a UTEC piggyback EMS and we did a baseline pull to see where it baselined.  Z is still running a stock longblock with larger injectors and Walbro pump.

You can see his blue baseline run was way too lean the way it came in.  We yanked the UTEC out, performed a voodoo ritual & tune up (spark plugs, fluids, etc..), and lovingly tuned this Z.  We ended up with a much safer tune and more power & torque throughout the entire powerband (red run).

Z34 Swift Spring Install Pics

We’ve done a few Swift Spring installs and here are a couple shots from two 370s we’ve done.  Sorry, no “before” pics.

The Swifts still have an incredibly comfortable feel for the daily driver while dropping the Z down 1.25″ in the front and 1″ in the rear.  Spring rates are 10.0 kg\mm (front) & 10.5 kg\mm (rear).

Sean’s Z sports the Swifts and also some 20mm wheel spacers on all 4 corners for an even more aggressive stance on Sport Package wheels.