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Avo’s G37

Last month Avo brought in his G37 AT Coupe for tuning.  His G has the Stillen Gen 3 CAI, and Fast Intentions exhaust system.

There was some definite “leanness” commonly found with some intake systems.

The “before” and “after” graph.  Red is before and blue is after.

Buzzing along……….

Sorry for the lack of updates to those who keep up with my posts.  It’s been busy over here and dealing with personal matters leave hardly any time for our blog.  I am way behind and have lots of stuff to share from the last month or two.

To keep it funky fresh we dynoed Javier’s Z32 TT a couple months ago.  It was a pleasure to meet him and his family.  Javier is a Floridian who made the move over to non-humid SoCal.  I am not a fan of that Florida weather, sorry dad.

Javier has a very clean Z32, his mod list escapes my memory.  I’m pretty sure he has 2560R turbos.  Javier if your reading this e-mail me your mod list. UPDATE, his mod list is as follows:

Engine Internal Modifications

Block bored .020 over

Oversize Wiseco forged pistons

Rotating assembly balanced

Coolant galley casting flash removed

block is deburred

Port matched upper plenum

Port matched lower plenum

Mild Street ported heads

Engine External Modifications

Twin Garrett GT2560R Turbos

Greddy Intercoolers

HKS SSQV Twin Blow Off Valves

Labree Split Down Pipes

Z1 2.5″ Test Pipes and HKS Hyper Cat Back

Z1 Dual POP Charger Intake

Dual MAF Sensors

Z1 Polished Hard Pipes

PCV ‘s Relocated

Unorthodox under drive pulley

Custom  aluminum radiator

Custom dual oil coolers

Nismo 740cc injectors

Engine Management

SZ Tuned ECU

Apexi AFC Neo

Greddy profec B spec II boost controller

Greddy turbo timer

Tuned for 91 octane (blue) and 100 octane (red)

The Straman

My long time friend had his Straman upgraded with larger turbos (2560Rs) a few months ago and after installing the Selin Dual POP kit we went to work on tuning his beast.

Some may not know but Straman was a company in SoCal that took cars not offered in covertible versions from the OEMs and made them convertibles.  1990 seems to be the only year Straman rendered their services on the Z32 TT.   Hydraulic actuated top and some very good bracing make this a Z32 TT feel better than the OEM Verts.

Jason’s Straman comes equipped with:

  • 2560R Turbos
  • SZ\300 Degree 740 Fuel Kit
  • Stock Block & Heads
  • MSP Manifolds
  • SZ 3″ Downpipes
  • SZ 3″ to 2.5″ Test Pipes
  • SZ 2.5″ Single Oval Tip Catback
  • 2.5″ I\C Piping
  • Ash Massives
  • Z1 58mm Throttle Bodies
  • Selin Dual POP Kit

Peak boost hits by 4400 RPM (17 psi) and tapers down to 16-15 psi the rest of the way.  444whp and matching torque.

Stay tuned for 100 & Q results!

Black Z34 Beauty

Making a run down the 1320.

Rudy brought in his Z34 for some tweaking on our Dyno.  Mods include SSR wheels, K&N Typhoon Intake System, HKS Hi-Power Catback, Kinetix HFCs, and Stillen Engine Oil Cooler.

His K&N intake didn’t pose any lean running condition associated with some intakes.

A nice average of 9 to 10 whp across the board after the tune.