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Demolishing the Stock Z32 Turbo Record

The results in the following post are unbelievable and truly shows the potential of the Z32-TT with stock turbos.  This also goes to show that factory intercooler piping is restrictive at the stock turbo level and that high quality MS Manifolds help them push harder.  There hasn’t been anyone to date to do this on stock MT turbos so here goes!

Adam did not skimp out on anything when it came to building this Z.  You buy high quality parts you get high quality results.

The following is the list of mods done to this wonder:

*Completely stock/un-modified Bottom End
*Completely stock/un-modified 40P Heads
*Completely stock/un-modified 5 speed cams
*Completely stock/un-modified 5 speed turbos
*Specialty Z Custom Dyno Tune 91, 100 & 116
*Specialty-Z SS 4-Bolt 3″ Expansion Down Pipes w/ wastegate Separators
*Specialty-Z SS 3″ Test Pipes
*Specialty-Z: SS 3″ Single Oval Cat-Back Exhaust
*Specialty-Z 6QT Oil Pan
*Specialty-Z Multi Map 16 Program Switcher
*Specialty-Z 1 Piece Clutch Line w/ New Slave Cylinder
*MSP Manifolds
*Selin Translator
*Custom “Intercooler” Piping 2.5″
*Custom “Suction Pipes” w/ Jim Wolf Dual 350Z Filters 2.5″
*Custom “Accordion” Pipes 2.5″
*Stock “Turbo Inlet” Pipes
*AshSpec Massive SMIC
*Z1 58mm Throttle Bodies
*Mild Port & Polish Upper Intake Plenum
*Specialty-Z “High Five” Puck Clutch (The lightest clutch made for the Z32)
*RPS Segmented Flywheel
*Z1 Platinum Aluminum 1 piece drive shaft (Might get replaced with a CF DS in the future)
*Blitz SBC ID Boost Controller
*300 Degree Fuel Rails w/Nismo 740cc Injectors
*CZP Fuel Rail Lines (OEM route)
*BDE Engine Mounts
*BDE Intake Cam Gears (un-adjusted)
*Tomei Exhaust Cam Gears (adjusted)
*Unorthodox Racing Crank Pulley
*YB HI Over Drive Water Pump Pulley
*Nissan R34 Skyline Wheels, 18″x9″ +30 Offset (19#ea)
*265/35/18 Falken Azenis RT-615 Tires

91 octane, 14 psi for 419 whp!

100 octane, 20 psi for 463 whp.

Q16, 21 psi peak for 499 whp!!!!!!!!  For those of you with larger turbos using stock I\C piping, manifolds, small exhaust, etc.. your choking your VG30!

This is the comparison to the previous record.  What a difference!!  Smooth power throughout the powerband.

Congratulations to Adam!  Remember to keep your turbos boosted people!

The Z with lots of Turbo(s)

Joel from NorCal has a very unique Z32.  No, it doesn’t have a single turbo or RB26 swap.  It posses two angry turbochargers strapped to the front of the ever loving VG30 and an intercooler sitting where the radiator usually does.  It uses the TDM Works Front Mount Turbo, V-Mount Intercooler, and Radiator Kit.  Fuel is pumped through by 2x Z32 TT fuel pumps and sprayed out by RC 1000cc injectors and BDE Rails.  All of this bolted to a built bottom end and controlled by the factory ECU with some SZ love.

All of this adds up to a wild ride down the highway.  It does come with its lag but one must pay the price with a setup configured like this.  This baby churns out 17-18 psi on 91 octane.  Is does this with a very efficient setup.  For now its only making “low” boost to finalize engine break in before we see 30+ psi.  This is when the real party starts on turbos this large.

Video of it in action:

3076 Beast on the rollers.

We tuned it all up for a healthy 560+ whp on our lovely CA 91 octane.  A little nitrous shot down low would make for a hairy ride down the 1\4 mile.

Stay tuned for more action.

Revenge of the Boost

Late last year Aimen came in with his G35 for some NA tuning action.  Needless to say with his NA mods untuned the car was running like complete crap.  Happy camper after the tune…..until the whooosh called.  Fast forward to last week Aimen came in with a custom SPA Turbo Kit.  From what I know about it, the turbo is made by SPA from Brazil.  Very interesting to see something non Garrett or Mitsu.  We’ll see how long it hangs on.  Besides the turbo kit he had the Blox 5\8″ spacer, ported & polished plenums, DC Headers which make their way to the SPA turbo, 3″ single Apex’i Catback, UR UD Pulley, JWT Clutch\Flywheel, and grounding kit.  I was pretty surprised how well it worked.  I think Aimen was too!

Mimicking the Turbonetics kit.


The beauty that is boost, this was Aimen’s G before boost (blue) and Aimen’s G after the gift of boost (red).  Almost  100 whp and over 110 torque to the tires.  All this on 6 PSI.  Time for a boost controller!

This graph is showing the difference between Aimen’s Turbo G35 vs. a G35 boosted by a Vortech SC.  The power that is TURBO.

Out of the ordinary @ SZ

We had the opportunity sometime last year to tune a Miata that had a turbocharger hanging off its exhaust manifold.  Boost can really make a “chick” car that much better.  This Miata was running terribly bad and we offered to lend our services to make it even better.  On its first visit the turbo was running off the base wastegate setting of around 3-4 psi.  We cleaned up the ECU maps\settings (Megasquirt) and ended up with:

You can see how bad it was running (green run) to a much improved performer (red run).  Boost peaked at 3.8 psi.

So fast forward and back up to last month.  The customer purchased the add on boost solenoid for more well, you guessed it……..boost!  Once you have a taste its like crack.

Needless to say this thing hauls for as light and nimble as it is.  The boost gods can rejoice.  An increase of 5 psi for a total of 8 psi.  Specialty-M?  J\K!  Zs rule!

Berry’s Beautiful G

Chris Berry has one beautiful G.  He’s brought it in several times for dynoing and AT valve body upgrade.  It has a plethora of mods including a Vortech SC and Cosworth Intake Manifold.

Clean enough to eat off but why make it dirty doing so?

’07 G35 Tune

Jesse brought us his clean G for some fine tuning.  No surprise that this car was running uncomfortably lean.  After some tweaking to not only AFR we came up with some nice gains.

Good solid gains of over 11 whp and 10 torque.