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Boosted Aspirations………. SC’ed VQ

This JDM rockin’ Z33 is a pantie dropper for sure.  Sporting Seibon C.F. fenders, Volk TE37s Seibon Edition Wheels, and other assorted C.F. ware.

Under the hood it has a gnarly whine that suggests it isn’t all show.  A Vortech snail resides under there willing to boost it with the rest of the mean machines in our shop.  Along with Stillen Headers, factory CATs, and HKS Catback.  Vithorauk (the owner) called on us to tune his Z machine for optimum radness.

Luckily for him he laid off the gas pedal until it was tuned.  It came to us with the UniChip piggy back.  It was a no brainer to yank that thing outta there and get the party bumpin’ with UpRev hawtness.    After swapping out the factory plugs with colder ones and inspecting a few other things it was time to make some boost.  The baseline run with the UniChip had to be prematurely aborted due to unwanted mean and way too lean AFR.  A damn good thing Vithorauk never laid into it.  After some much needed massaging this baby was ripping it hard.  One thing about superchargers is that they do sound f-in mean.  Especially in our dyno room.

The before & after transformation…………….

Self explanatory……the blue run is the baseline on how it came in and red is where it came out rockin’ it hard.  Smooth power delivery and some sweet AFR to go with it (red run).  We made 369 whp & 308 torque with 7 psi of boost.  Props to Anthony @ Antelope Valley Nissan for a job well done in the installation department ( I didn’t have to redo much).

Z33 HR Tune

Juan from Bardabe brought over his 2007 350Z MT HR for some basic pulls and left with more power and a safer car.  Looking at his baseline dyno (in blue) it was way to lean to do a full pull.  His Z had his custom cold air intake, test pipes, and catback.

I don’t remember what catback he’s running (Greddy?).

We ended up with 293 whp and 261 wtq.

370Z AT Tune

Last week Brandon brought over his black beauty AT 370Z for tuning.  This Z34 comes equipped with F. I. Long Tube Headers, F.I. C.F. Catback, Stillen UD Pulley, and Stillen Gen 3 Intakes.  Brandon knew better than to go flooring it until the car was tuned.  Make sure to at least check air fuel when doing engine breathing mods.  Many of the intakes out in the market will lean your mixture.

Peak power didn’t go up drastically, but everything where it counts below that made an average of 10 more whp and torque from just tuning.

A Good Dose of Caffeine (Boost)

We took this daily driven Z32 owned by Jason & Nikki and injected it with some good ole fashioned mods.  Believe it or not this car started out life as a 5-speed and was converted to accept an SZ Stage 1 Automagic Trans.  This Z32 posses’ a “fresh” JDM engine with the auto A\R turbos (smaller than 5-speed turbos).  When the engine was dropped in we dynoed the car to see how it performed with factory boost levels, full SZ 2.5″ exhaust, and single POP.  We then added our SZ 3″ Downpipes, SZ 3″ to 2.5″ Test Pipes, JWT Dual Pop w\ Selin Translator, Blitz SBC iD-Spec-R Boost Controller, and SZ custom tune.  It still has factory intercoolers too.

Turbos are truly an amazing thing.  Boost and Zs rule!  Like my bud Rob Fuller would say.  You can see the “before” and “after” results below.

Say “ahhhhhh” (At the doctor’s office)

That’s right folks, almost 100 RWTQ gained by 4000 RPM.  Time to shred some tires and laugh at Prius owners!  For those who have trouble reading a dyno graph, the red lines are the “before” runs and the blue lines are the “after” runs.  The fainter of the lines are Torque and the darker are HP.

Dr. Dean

Dean finally got his Z tuned this week.  We’ve been so busy over here at SZ that we didn’t have a chance the last several months to get his monster the proper attention required.    His mod list can be seen here:  Dean’s Mod List

He plans to make the upcoming June 12th IDRC event, competing in the True Street Class.  The dyno graph below shows his race fuel tune on boost and also on nitrous.  One can see how well the nitrous works, it is only used to get out of the gate and shuts off at 5500 RPMs.  This should be enough to get him into the 9s.  Now go kick some ass!

No, that’s not Dean with the pot belly.

350Z Tune

Luis brought us his Z33 AT for a few goodies and ultimately for a tune on his basic NA DE.  His Z has plenum spacer, catback, resonated test pipes, Nismo C.A.I., and UD pulley.  Needless to say his AFR was way out of whack.  So far so that we felt it was unsafe to get a complete baseline pull.  A week before this we made a few baseline pulls on another Z33 that only had a JWT POP for a mod and was running extremely lean as well.  The JWT POP on the DE engines doesn’t change the sampling tube diameter of the MAF so the intake alone isn’t causing the AFR to be lean.

Here’s Luis’ results:

His base AFR (blue pull) was in the 13s and 14s!  After some tweaking we ended up with a safe AFR and a much peppier Z.  We gained over 25whp in certain areas.