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HKS SC’ed 350Z

The owner of this 350Z originally came to us with full bolt-ons and we tuned him for 265 whp (blue run).  Several months later he got the itch for boost and added an HKS SC kit.  We then went to work and tuned it (red run).  All on a stock engine.


Pro Charged G35

This G35 has a built engine and an ATI Pro-Charger turning 12 psi.  There are plans for a GTM TT kit to make more power than what the ATI can offer at 12 psi.

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S14 VQ’ed

Tyler came back to us after having us tune his Z31 track car.  This time he brought us his newly acquired S14 with a built turbocharged VQ35DE.  This car was built with a purpose and made to hit the drift circuits and road courses.  The turbo portion of this car comes from the old 350Z\G35 Turbonetics Kit.  A custom intake manifold was made with top end power in mind.  Controlling this moniacal setup is an AEM Standalone.  We reached the limits of both the fuel injectors and fuel pump so we did what we could with what we had to work with.  We also found ourselves performing some wiring fixes before we tuned to get the car to run properly.

For a test we removed that terrible intake on the front of the turbo.

Here are some tuned results.  The red run was performed with that terrible intake I mentioned above.  This is how the car will be running for now on the circuit.  As it is the injectors and pump are on the raggedy edge.  For a test we removed the terrible intake and made a pull.  We changed NOTHING else.  We came up with a great difference.  Look at the boost curve!  This poor turbo is working hard to make power with the terrible intake.  For now it serves a basic function of a restriction.

Custom G35 Sedan

Vivek has one tricked out G35 sedan.  I have no pictures of the exterior but it is one cool show car.  This sedan is running a Vortech blower with all the trimmings.  Running a stock engine and base pulley size we were able to make 6 psi of boost and tune his ride for max reliability and power.

Pull out your sunglasses!

Back for Boost

The last time we saw Jesse we had just performed a tune for his NA bolt-ons. Yearning for more power than the NA bolt-ons could provide we went to work installing a GTM Stage 2 Twin Turbo Kit.  The kit features the use of Garrett GT2860RS’ with .86 turbine housings.  An angle mounted FMIC, cast manifolds, internal wastegates, TIAL BOV, 2.5″ down-pipes that allow the use of standard test pipes or even the factory cat pipes for smog purposes.  We installed a Walbro 255 fuel pump and DW 600cc fuel injectors to supply the needed fuel.

We removed the factory engine oil heat exchanger and added a GTM 25 Row Oil Cooler.  We made our own custom mounts to clear the intercooler.

A look from underneath with the turbos mounted.

Here’s the graph once we finished our tune.  The blue run was Jesse’s best NA run.  Red is with twin turbo power.  A peak gain of almost 120 whp and 85 torque.  This is accomplished only on wastegate spring pressures that make anywhere from 4-6 psi throughout the powerband.  We stopped here so that the stock engine could live a long happy boosted life.  When Jesse’s ready for more power he can easily have it with the potential that this kit can offer.

Vortech’ed G

Jason’s G35 came to us for more power and in turn we obliged by adding a Vortech SC Kit.  Fueled by 600cc injectors and Walbro fuel pump.  HKS catback and stock cats draw out the exhaust.  Power is transferred to the wheels through the stock 5-speed automatic with a valve body upgrade.

Our final tuned numbers when allowed to cool.  After a couple passes it heat soaks quickly with power dropping to the 350s.  The blue run is a minor bolt on equipped G35 AT.  Huge difference in power all over the place!

Built Vortech Z33

Brandon’s Z33 features a built up long block with forged rods & pistons, BC cams, Kinetix intake manifold, ID 720cc fuel injectors, PMAS, and a Vortech blower pushing 12 psi.

Tuned for 91 octane.  417 whp & 341 torque.

Boosted G35 Sedan

Ahhh, nothing like a fast sedan so you can take more than one passenger but you take your family in while smoking the sports car next to you!  Ben’s G35 Sedan is a perfect example of this.  If it wasn’t for the Stoptech brakes this thing would be ultra sleeper.  Ben’s running a built low compression engine coupled with a JWT Sport 700 Kit (GT2860RS’).  Other mods include Cosworth cams and Cosworth Intake Manifold.  We suggested a few changes to Ben to make more BOOST more EFFICIENTLY.  We tuned it to run 9 psi and look forward to turning up the boost to 12-14 psi for more 4-door fury.

Here are the results after tuning this beast.  All on only 9 psi of BOOST.  We’ll be back after making some changes to Ben’s G!  14 psi here we come!

Slacking and more Juice

I am way behind on my blog posts.  I’ve got more than 6+ months worth of posts and information.  Gonna try to catch up!  I apologize to the faithful readers.

Our bud Alex with his juiced Z33 came back for more tuning and testing.  We upped and played with the jetting with great success.  The initiation of nitrous was moved up to 4k RPM to keep the rods happier.

We gained another 20-30 more hp and torque.

Video of Alex on one of his Mojave Mile runs.