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Original Wings West Z32 TT for Sale!

Ron is the original owner of this beautiful Z and now it is for sale. The Z was the original West Wings advertising car you may have seen it in old issues of Sport Compact Car and the likes of the late 90s and early 2000s. Ron has been a customer of ours since the really late 90s and in 2012 we completed an extensive upgrade\refresh to the Z. The following major parts were installed by us:

  • New Nissan Shortblock & SZ Stage 1 Heads
  • MSP Exhaust Manifolds
  • JWT Sport 700 Turbos
  • ASH Massive Intercoolers, Ducts, Intercooler Piping, & Z1 Throttle Bodies
  • 300Degree Fuel Rails with NISMO 740cc Fuel Injectors
  • SZ Max Street Clutch & Aluminum Segmented Flywheel
  • SZ 3″ Down Pipes
  • SZ 3″ to 2.5″ Test Pipes
  • Blitz SBC i-D Spec-R Boost Controller
  • Selin Dual POP Kit

The car has 87,000 miles on the chassis.







This Z puts down 456 whp on 91 octane and 16 psi of boost (blue run) and 618 whp on 26 psi of boost and Q16 race fuel.

You can contact Ron directly via e-mail here.


Photos of the car back in the day used in the WW advertising.

Richard’s 300ZX TT


This red 1990 Z32 TT came to us from Oregon with just an HKS Hyper Catback on it and over 160k on the odometer. We performed some simple upgrades and maintenance to keep it running stronger for another 20 years.


We upgraded to NISMO 740cc fuel injectors, cleaned up the engine bay, replaced all water & air hoses, valve cover seals, etc. Pre-cats were upgraded to SZ 4-Bolt Down Pipes mated to SZ 3″ to 2.5″ HFCs and existing HKS catback. SZ Sport Street Clutch and SZ Flywheel were also installed to hold the new found power. A single JWT POP Charger was also installed and the new colorful Greddy Profec Boost Controller was installed to the left of the steering column.



Baseline pull in blue and our upgraded pull in red. 120+ pound feet of torque at 4500 RPMs!

Rob’s 300ZX TT

As the availability of ethanol has increased in SoCal (depending where in SoCal you live).  Rob’s itched to get the fuel in his Z along with other upgrades performed.  This Z32 is using JWT GTX63 Turbos, JWT 500 Cams, MSP Exhaust Manifolds, SZ 3″ Down Pipes, SZ 3″ to 2.5″ T-Pipes, and SZ 2.5″ Catback.  For fueling we turned to the BDE Top Feed Fuel Rail Kit with Bosch 1150cc fuel injectors.  Currently the Z is running a single Walbro 485 fuel pump which limited us as to how much power we could run.  Later on down the road we will add a second fuel pump to get the most out of the engine\turbo hardware.    To harmoniously control the engine and all the fueling we turn to the Haltech Platinum Pro-Plug In ECU and supporting sensors.  This allows the Z to be a full “flex fuel” vehicle.  Rob can pump in any different combination of 91 octane gasoline and ethanol fuel and not worry about having to switch tunes.  No guessing or worrying!


To simplify plumbing we fabricated our own metal hard line for the BDE rails.  Always after a clean and detail oriented engine bay.


Rob can monitor ethanol content with the use of this Dynosty gauge.  Here it shows a content of 46 if you couldn’t tell.


With a fresh engine in place we were able to make great power on terrible CA 91 Octane gasoline.


On an ethanol content of 78% and at this power level our single Walbro fuel pump was dropping fuel pressure.  Adding a 2nd fuel pump will get us around 750-800 whp.


For the time being we’ll leave the power level here (613 whp) on about 20 psi of boost.  This gives the pump some comfortable working room.  Thank you to Rob, BDE, JWT, and Haltech!

JoZee\JoZie: A 300ZX Story

A great big thank you to Joe Gamas and the crew at ElectricFederal for a great video!  You can see a couple of blog posts from Joe and his beautiful Z32 here and here.

James’ Stock Turbo 300ZX TT

James from San Diego has one nice Sapphire Blue Z32TT.  Getting the itch for more power we went to work with some upgrades and maintenance work.


Another sleeper unleashed onto the streets.

A brief list of his power mods:

  • Original Stock Longblock
  • Stock Cams
  • Stock MT Turbos
  • Stock Exhaust Manifolds
  • SZ 3″ 4-Bolt Down Pipes
  • SZ 3″ HFC Pipes
  • SZ 3″ Dual Tip Catback
  • Nismo\300Degree 740cc Fuel Kit
  • Ash Inlet Piping & Selin Translator for Dual POP Setup
  • Ash Intercooler Piping
  • Ash Massive Intercoolers
  • Z1 Throttle Bodies
  • SZ Clutch & Flywheel

We upgraded the factory fuel pump with a Walbro “485” fuel pump since we were going to be running ethanol.  To be able to run ethanol on the stock Nissan ECU we installed our map\tune selector so James can have different tunes for various blends of gasoline and ethanol along with having a full 91 octane tune.  We added a flex fuel sensor and gauge so James knows exactly what ratio he is running.  For those not wanting to worry so much about switching their tunes, Haltech offers automatic compensation for flex fuel.


Tuned for 91 octane for great results.


Tuned for E85 with even more impressive results on stock exhaust manifolds.  Congrats James and thank you!

Bryan Heitkotter

Who would have known that the 2011 winner of Nissan’s GT Academy liked Z32s?  Not only likes but also races it.  You can read more about Bryan’s incredible experience here.


A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of working on and tuning Mr. Heitkotter’s 1994 Z32 NA.  We went to work by installing our SZ dual tip catback with resonated x-pipe followed by some other minor work and tuning.  Bryan is running Selin Dual POPs, Stillen Headers, factory Nissan cat pipes, and SZ Catback for power mods.


Incredible gains after tuning.  You can have all the right parts but until you harmonize them with proper tuning you have not realized its potential.  Our entire powerband has been significantly increased, breathing more life into the VG30DE.

Jesse’s Z32 Build

Jesse from Florida sent us his Z32 to straighten out the issues he was having with it.



The way it arrived to SZ.  Hard to tell by the photo but there was much clutter and lack of detail put into it.  The Z had some sort of “built” short block.  It had stock rods and Wiseco pistons.  It came equipped with GT2860RS turbos.  It had alot of good parts but it had alot of hodge podge as well.

photo (1)

We turned to an IPP Stage 4 Long Block that comes with CP Pistons & Carillo Rods.  We swapped over the existing JWT 500 cams and HD valve springs.  A new set of lifters were also added.

photo (2)

Port matched lower plenum.

photo (7)

Existing 300Degree Rails and Nismo 740s were also swapped over along with adjustable BDE Intake Cam gears,  Z1 Exhaust Gears, BDE Low Pro Motor Mounts, and MSP Manifolds.  An ATI Race Damper replaces the cheap copy underdrive pulley.  Valve covers were painted black to give it a clean and refreshed look.  We fixed several plenum coil bracket bolt holes and one needed to be completley re-welded, drilled, and tapped to save it.

photo (8)

photo (9)

We switched over to the JWT GTX63s, note the anti-surge housing.

photo (10)

Ash inlet piping that was opened up to match the turbo’s inlet size.

photo (12)

Ready to go into its home!  Z1 throttle bodies already installed onto the intake manifold.

photo (18)

We also used Jesse’s Z to proto-type our trans brake for the Nissan automatic.  It also has our racing AT trans package.

photo (15)

Real estate in the front of the car was non existent so we installed a new trans cooler\fan in the rear of the car along with an external trans filtering system.

photo (3)

photo (14)Cleaned up and on the dyno!


91 Octane Tune, we didn’t have 93 Floridian fuel so we used what we had.  Stellar performance out of an automatic Z on pump fuel!


100 octane fuel for 613 whp!  21 psi of boost.


Q16 for just enough to break into 800+ whp!  Ready to run 9s at the drag strip and ready for daily driver action.  No compromises.  With the use of dual fuel pumps we were able to get the 740s to squeeze enough fuel out and keep it safe.  Jesse will use our ECU switching device to make use of all his tunes with no fuss.

Final dyno tuning run on Q16.  You may need to copy\paste the URL to view.

photo (17)

Getting picked up to go home to Florida!  Thank you again Jesse!

The Drifting Queen of Z32

Miss Miller made her way in a few weeks ago for some tuning on her sideways Z.  We’ve seen this Z go through many phases and this is its best its been under the hood.

Under the hood are some nice goodies like Z1 600R Turbo Kit, Z1 2.5″ Intercooler Piping and Intercoolers, MSP Exhaust Manifolds and Nismo 740cc Fuel Injectors.



We dig the paint\color scheme with its fade in\out colors.  The splattered timing covers are a nice touch.  This VG is tuned and controlled by an AEM Series 2 ECU.



Mean shot on the dyno roller!


Tuned for 91 octane with an impressive 470 whp on 15 psi.


Melissa posing next to Joezie.


JoeZie Update

JoeZie has once again gone under the knife in the last year and is back with a new look.  Any good plastic surgeon would agree that she’s radially changed her look.  The photos I took are terrible, please excuse the quality.

Click me for an earlier post about JoeZie.


photo (7)

 All lights are LED now, front to back.


photo (6)


photo (8)


photo (5)


photo (3)


Speaks for itself.


photo (11)

The old clutch (pictured above) was slipping so it was time to replace and upgrade the flywheel with our SZ Flywheel.  We installed our Max Street Clutch.

photo (12)

photo (13)

We strapped her back onto the rollers to see where she’s been up after replacing the clutch and flywheel.


The results were hard to believe at first.  The blue run was performed a couple years ago.  Both runs were done at the exact same tunes and boost level (100 octane fuel).  All that was changed were the clutch and flywheel.  Looks like the old clutch never held the power and the flywheel helped with some of that too.  522 whp versus 446 whp was  an outstanding amount of peak power increase!

photo (1)

Congrats Joe!

Mildly Modified E85 Z32-TT

Legend’s Z32-TT has basic mods considering how many new parts are available for the Z32.  He was looking for more power safely (until his big build) and with the better availability of ethanol fuel in our area we went ahead and converted the Z to run ethanol.

photo (1)

The Z has the following parts\mods:

  • Stock Longblock
  • Stock Turbos
  • Stock Exhaust Manifolds
  • SZ 2.5″ Super Split Down Pipes
  • SZ 2.5″ Test Pipes
  • SZ 2.5″ Dual Tip Catback
  • Nismo 740cc Fuel Injectors
  • SZ Flywheel
  • SZ Max 6-Puck Clutch
  • Stillen Intercoolers
  • Stock Intercooler & Inlet Piping
  • Selin Translator & JWT Dual POP
  • Blitz sbc-iD Spec-R Boost Controller




We made a baseline pull on 91 octane fuel (green run), and switched over to E85.  We’re very lucky that both our stations carry ethanol that ranges from 80-84% ethanol content throughout the year.   In any case, we made a pull on E85 without touching the boost controller or timing.  We only obviously had to change the fueling.  This is the difference ethanol makes just changing over on this particular Z.  This is partly due to the amazing cooling effect of the fuel.  43 torque was gained at 4500 RPMs and almost 30 whp.  Peak power was up 20 whp and 35 torque.


Here’s the final tune for E85.  Impressive power for the little amount of modifications this Z has.  444 whp and 487 torque!