Drop Top Z34

Charles came by a few weeks ago to see what we could do for his topless Z.  Armed with a Stillen Catback from the get go, we pointed out that his tips were sticking out way tooooo far.  Not a sexy look.  We had a quick fix for his hyper-thyroided tips.  Charles also had Eibach Pro-Kit springs installed only to suffer from too much negative camber and wheels that sunk far into the fenders like a scared dog with its tail between its legs.  This is where we went to work.

We installed a set of SPL’s Camber Links out back along with SPC Camber\Toe Bolts.  The new hybrid adjusters on the arms are extremely well made to keep the link from shifting position.

After installing the adjustable rear suspension components we added a set of 20mm wheel spacers front and rear to lose that unsightly sunk in look; followed by an alignment.

After pics:

We followed up the looks and suspension add ons with a tune.  Charles has a Stillen Gen 3 CAI & Catback for his performance mods.  Some decent gains.

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