370Z TT…..the way it should be

Back in June I picked up a Z34 with intentions that if I bought one it would HAVE to be twin turbo’ed shortly thereafter.  When the new gen Z first came out I wasn’t completely sold on its looks.  I hoped at the least the engine and interior were further improved upon than the Z33.  As time progressed I began to liken the fish hook head lights, although the fangs on the bumper were still undesirable.  In any case, I had the burning desire to feel, drive, and interact with the new generation of Z car.  Having played with some at the shop I was pleasantly surprised as to how much better quality was up over the 350Z.  Handling is superb while retaining a very comfortable ride that doesn’t bring discomfort to  my body.  Having owned various high power Zs the added power of the new Z34 was a benefit, but I was spoiled.  This is why it just had to be turbo’ed.

Older brother Z32 gets to share his bedroom and share stories.  Looking at the rear of the Z34, the only thing I didn’t like was the rear fog light.  Painting the lower portion of the bumper black helped detract attention from it.

It’s almost a shame the front bumper has to hide such a beautiful kit produced by GTM.

The kit selected to power the Z is a high quality GTM Stage 2.  The turbos used are Garrett GT2860RS’ utilizing the .86 turbine housing and Tial external wastegates.  A GTM competition oil cooler was added to combat the already (factory) problematic oil temps.

Engine cover painted to match.

Since the car was to see some drag strip use we selected our flywheel and High 5 Clutch.

6 psi of boost (Boost Controller Off), good for over 400 whp.

9 psi for 488whp.

12 psi (100 octane) for 557 whp.  This is efficiency!  Less boost than a comparable Z32 and making more power for the given boost level.  The one thing lacking versus its older brother Z32 is the torque output.  The VG30DETT is good for matching HP & Torque values.

The blue run was the car BONE Stock compared to the red run force fed by 12 psi of boost from the GT2860RS’.

Power comes on very smoothly unlike a Z32 which can be violent.  Due to in part by the flat torque output.  It feels like the car could have come equipped force fed from the factory, its that good.  The VQ37VHR engine acts as if nothing were different with this amount of power running through its veins.  Something the old VQ35DE could not accomplish on a factory engine.  The bone stock VQ35DE could really only safely muster under 400whp.  Anymore and you risk certain catastrophe on the VQDE engine.


On its first maiden voyage down the 1320 the Z and I (CAR #7293) were able to break into the 11s.  Prior to this it had been over 5 years since I last banged the gears down the track.  I can say this car is limited mainly by my driving and with some practice it should see low to mid 11 E.T.s.

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Comments (10)

  1. Mallz

    Very Nice

  2. trinh pham


    beautiful car, beautiful color. what is so different between the vq35de and vq37vhr engines for the latter to withstand boost better? better internals? because the compression ratio on the vq37vhr is pretty high, right, 11:1?

  3. The VHR has way more beefier components in it. The rods are stronger and bigger. Forged crank. The block utilizes a “bedplate” instead of a standard girdle to hold down the main caps\crank. Nissan stepped up their game this time like they did when the Z32 came out, except no turbos. Compression is 11:1 so you are limited in how much boost one can run given the octane of fuel.

  4. Mehnert

    Very cool Seb. Glad you are up and around having fun. Hopefully I’ll be able to come out and play soon too.

  5. Nicely done Seb! I agree, the way a 370 should be!

  6. Hi Mike. Yes, it will be nice to see you out at any track. Merry Christmas!

  7. Alex Wilson(projectz32)

    This is absolutely beautiful. *thumbs way up*

  8. […] also included with the sale of the Z. Check this link out for build photos and dyno information: SZ 370Z Blog Post An Innovate MTX Digital Wideband Gauge is located next to the boost controller. The engine cover […]

  9. Jose Requeno

    Really interested in this car, wondering if I can get some interior pictures of the 370z? And a list of all the mods that were put into. Thank you

  10. Hi Jose, the Z just sold a few weeks back.

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