Z32 NA Power

By far one of the highest NA Z32s we’ve seen.  John’s Z has lots done to it.  Something we’d like to see is a change of cams after looking at his power delivery.  It has regrind cams in it now.  To remedy some of this we installed a set of adjustable exhaust cam gears which gained more power and smoother power & torque delivery.  We also added a Selin Dual POP, fixed his VTC, and tuned it.  A before and after is shown below.  A list of some power mods John has are:

  • Factory 120+k Miles Engine
  • Stillen Headers
  • SZ Hi-Flow Cat Pipes
  • SZ Single Oval Catback
  • Regrind Cams
  • Tomei Adj Exhaust Cam Gears
  • SZ Flywheel & Sport Street Clutch
  • Electric Cooling Fans
  • Selin Dual POP & Translator
  • UD Underdrive Pulley
  • SZ Tuning

The red run was with a single POP filter untuned.  The blue run is with the Selin Kit, VTC fix, and tuning.  A peak gain of 10 whp & 12 torque.  The  most impressive gains to be found were at the mid-range (20 to 25 whp & torque).

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Comments (3)

  1. Troy

    What cams would you recommend?

  2. I’d probably go JWT 400+ cams on the NA.

  3. ArubaDave

    Hi Seb ,Just saw this one ,it answers my previous question 🙂
    still not in stock TT territory .

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