Z32 Stock Turbo Mayhem

Although this isn’t something that happened yesterday or the week before, many have been interested in the high HP stock turbo equipped car capability.  Both our customers who own a couple of the highest HP stock turbo Z32s are both named Mike.  The similarities end right there.  Mike H. has a 1994 Cherry Red Pearl TT, while Mike E. (mafiosoz) has a 1993 Sapphire Blue TT.  Mike H. (WXY) has also taken his C.R.P. 5-Speed Z down the 1320 hundreds of times in the quest of fastest\quickest stock turbo Z32.  To date he has run a best of 11.4 E.T.  The modifications are quite similar though both having of course good healthy factory Nissan engines and stock untouched exhaust manifolds.

Here’s a photo of the Mike H. mobile preparing for battle:

Going off memory  and the sake of only HP related mods they both have:

  • Larger Fuel Injectors
  • SZ 3″ Exhaust from the turbos back (Mike E. has 2.5″ B&B Catback)
  • RPS Clutch & Flywheel (Now SZ)
  • Electronic Boost Controller (Blitz Units)
  • JWT Dual POP
  • Unorthodox UD Pulleys
  • Mike H. runs Greddy I\Cs w\ stock piping
  • Mike E. runs SZ modded Stillen I\Cs w\ stock piping
  • Mike H. runs an ACPT C.F. Driveshaft
  • SZ Tuned ROMs
  • They’re both named Mike and own awesome Z32s

That’s the jist of it from what I can remember.

Mike E. made just a tad more power than Mike H. claiming the title for power.  This of course is achieved with high octane fuel.  As you can see in the graph the power curves are practically identical.  It’s obvious where the stock turbos drop off at the higher RPM band (little past 5200 RPMs for HP and torque tanks after 4600 RPMs).  Wonder when we’ll get VNTs. 🙂

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