Z33 Vortech Tune….Ditched the UTEC

Last year we had a Z33 with a Vortech SC come in for some baseline dyno runs to asses it’s running condition.  Our customer bought it already equipped with the blower and tuning.  We were amazed (OK, not so much anymore) how bad the tune was.  First of all the map the car was running off the piggyback UTEC wasn’t even the right one.  We put it on the “right” map and did another pull.  Results shown below.

So the blue run was the way the customer had been driving the Z around.  After locating the Utec we set it on the “right” map and made another pull shown in green.  Needless to say it was horribly off on either setting.  We started by ditching the piggyback Utec in favor of our beloved Uprev.  This Z had larger injectors and fuel pump which I had to figure out exactly what he had since the owner had no clue.  He bought the car from a sand lot used car dealer with all mods installed.

Here’s the before and after.  Red was on the Utec “tuned” map and blue is what we ended up with after we tuned it using Uprev.  Safer and more power.  290 whp before & 323 whp after.

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