Jim & Cliff

TT.Netters may recognize the red car as being Jim Nichols Z32.  That would be Dave N.’s dad.  Jim, Dave, Cliff, and Ben all came down to get Jim and Cliff’s Z32s tuned.  Jim has a very clean Z with standard bolt ons and still has factory CAT pipes.  His basic engine mods are:

  • Stock Turbos
  • SZ Downpipes
  • OE CAT Pipes
  • 740cc Injectors
  • JWT Single POP
  • SZ Catback
  • Boost Jets
  • Stillen SZ Modded Intercoolers

Nothing crazy but makes for a nice solid Z car.

Cliff on the other hand has a 96 2by2 that he himself converted to a TT.  Cliff has our full SZ 2.5″ exhaust setup, Z1 Stage 1 turbos, Nismo 615cc injectors, larger intercoolers, etc..

Cliff’s car came in with a terribly lean AFR, this was corrected however along the way we suspected his VTCs were not working.  His low end power was lacking.  After some tests we concluded the valves behind the cams were MIA.  Cliff went back home, tore it down and fixed the problem to come back and get it finalized.  Here’s a graph showing the difference with VTC.

Blue was without VTC and red is with VTC.  Big difference!  Thank Nissan for implementing VTC for the VG30DEs.  One of the many advantages over the RB26.

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