The Z with lots of Turbo(s)

Joel from NorCal has a very unique Z32.  No, it doesn’t have a single turbo or RB26 swap.  It posses two angry turbochargers strapped to the front of the ever loving VG30 and an intercooler sitting where the radiator usually does.  It uses the TDM Works Front Mount Turbo, V-Mount Intercooler, and Radiator Kit.  Fuel is pumped through by 2x Z32 TT fuel pumps and sprayed out by RC 1000cc injectors and BDE Rails.  All of this bolted to a built bottom end and controlled by the factory ECU with some SZ love.

All of this adds up to a wild ride down the highway.  It does come with its lag but one must pay the price with a setup configured like this.  This baby churns out 17-18 psi on 91 octane.  Is does this with a very efficient setup.  For now its only making “low” boost to finalize engine break in before we see 30+ psi.  This is when the real party starts on turbos this large.

Video of it in action:

3076 Beast on the rollers.

We tuned it all up for a healthy 560+ whp on our lovely CA 91 octane.  A little nitrous shot down low would make for a hairy ride down the 1\4 mile.

Stay tuned for more action.

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  1. Bad Z32. Love this set up. I have a 93 TT with GT28 turbos, 800 cc Inj, 4 stage clutch with a racing fly wheel, dual MAF, Gates timing belt, adj fuel press reg, manual boost controller at 16 lbs and etc. I love to have my turbos front mount like yours. It will be easy to work on them and maintenance. Where can I get the front mount exhaust for the turbos?

  2. Not sure if you can still get this turbo kit anymore. It was offered by TDM (Tom Green).

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