2006 350Z UpRev Tuning

Rick brought in his sweet,slammed, drop top Z33 in for some tuning.  After performing various upgrades such as the Kinetix Intake Manifold, JWT POP Charger, Nismo Headers, Helix Test Pipes, and Nismo Catback, it was time to do some tweaking.  The two baselines confirmed that simple modifications like these can drastically change the A\F for the worse.  This VQ was suffering from a very lean A\F resulting in knock and loss in power.  Our quest was to make more power, but also more importantly make it safer.  After some dyno pulls we were able to maximize Rick’s mods to produce some more power & torque and cool the combustion via a safer A\F and cam tweaks.

A gain of over 9 whp and 8 lb\ft of torque.  This is only one side of the story as in many areas we saw gains of over 12-15 and the largest gains to be had were over 6500 RPMs.  From 6700+ we gained over 20 whp.

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