A Good Dose of Caffeine (Boost)

We took this daily driven Z32 owned by Jason & Nikki and injected it with some good ole fashioned mods.  Believe it or not this car started out life as a 5-speed and was converted to accept an SZ Stage 1 Automagic Trans.  This Z32 posses’ a “fresh” JDM engine with the auto A\R turbos (smaller than 5-speed turbos).  When the engine was dropped in we dynoed the car to see how it performed with factory boost levels, full SZ 2.5″ exhaust, and single POP.  We then added our SZ 3″ Downpipes, SZ 3″ to 2.5″ Test Pipes, JWT Dual Pop w\ Selin Translator, Blitz SBC iD-Spec-R Boost Controller, and SZ custom tune.  It still has factory intercoolers too.

Turbos are truly an amazing thing.  Boost and Zs rule!  Like my bud Rob Fuller would say.  You can see the “before” and “after” results below.

Say “ahhhhhh” (At the doctor’s office)

That’s right folks, almost 100 RWTQ gained by 4000 RPM.  Time to shred some tires and laugh at Prius owners!  For those who have trouble reading a dyno graph, the red lines are the “before” runs and the blue lines are the “after” runs.  The fainter of the lines are Torque and the darker are HP.

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Comments (2)

  1. what boost was set for each of the “before” and “after” runs? fuel?

    thanks – real world stuff is interesting

  2. Boost for the “before” on this Z was factory off the W\G. The “after” was done with the boost turned up to 14 psi. 91 octane.

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