Harold’s 300ZX TT Vert


Photos do no justice to the beauty that is this Z32. This Z has had a “restoration” performed on it with twin turbo power. Every bolt has been removed, cleaned, or replaced. The odometer shows over 200K+ miles.


We started with a brand new Nissan long block for our engine. 300Degree and Nismo 740cc Fuel Injectors being installed.


JWT Sport 700 Turbo(s) wrapped in a PTP turbo blanket. Turbo bolted to a MSP Exhaust Manifold.



ASH Inlet Piping and BDE Motor Mounts pictured above. Z1 Throttle Bodies with plenum ported to match.


SZ Flywheel and SZ 3″ Down Pipes


SZ Max Street Clutch


Full SZ Exhaust System. Catback is 2.5″ with a resonated x-pipe and HFC pipes.


ASH Massive Intercoolers and Piping.

1st start_3235_SML



Broken in on the dyno.


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Comments (4)

  1. Benjamin

    Where these guys keep getting this z1 throttle bodies? I looked for a pair for over a year after they discontenued them with no luck.

  2. Hi Ben

    Harold collected (a couple years ago) them long before they were discontinued.

  3. Steve

    Wow, it’s great to see absolutely everything done right on this car. What a beautiful piece of work!

  4. Allen Nguyen

    Hello I was wondering if someone wanted to have their 300zx TT serviced like this one how much would it cost? 110k original miles TT Engine. I would want to know what it would cost to replace every single bolt, nut, screw on the z along with cleaning the engine and every component.

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