Danny’s Supra

Supra Front

Danny stopped by the good ole’ Z shop to get help with his 1993 Toyota Supra. We first re-tuned for 91 octane and much lower elevation levels than where it originally came from. Apparently the factory Toyota ignition coils are known to be problematic. We replaced the factory coils with GM LQ9 coils that also allowed us to remove the factory igniter, that’s PTU for the Nissan crowd.


The factory ignition coils on the left and the LQ9s on the right. While we were at it the plugs were replaced with iridium units gapped down further than how they come from NGK.


The LQ9s installed, a nice look to them since they have their own heatshinks.


The “original” wastegate spring was replaced in favor of a lighter version, all in hopes to keep from over-boosting on 91 octane. We went from a 15-16 psi (left) spring down to a 10-12 psi (right). Although this helped a little, more needs to be done to correct the issue.


Even though this HKS wastegate looks large, its just about out of control-ability for this engine\turbo. Ideally the exhaust manifold should have two wastegate provisions (one for each of the 3 cylinders) to keep boost under better control. There are plans already in place to do this at a later date.

Supra Engine

Stock longblock with a 67mm turbo and supporting modifications. The car is currently running an AEM EMS V1, this will also be replaced with a Haltech ECU and injectors will be replaced with newer Bosch units. Flex Fuel ready!


We kept the boost as low as we could for 91 octane and 4th gear dyno pulls (15 psi).

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