Ultimate NA VQ37VHR

Not very many take the route to build up a naturally aspirated engine. The costs are very high and can easily exceed a “simplistic” approach of adding forced induction. It takes calculated and smart decisions to maximize the airflow through an NA engine. This example pays great attention to detail and no skimping on the parts.


3″ intake piping and of course the most obvious a different intake manifold utilizing Z33 throttle bodies.


The manifold as it was underway at GTM. The “collector” pays great attention to maximizing equal airflow to all cylinders and increasing displacement.


GTM Dry Sump “Oil” Pan, yes this engine also has a dry sump system!  The main engine modifications are JUN 11mm lift exhaust cams that feature a 282 duration. Z1 headers, test pipes, and catback 2.5″, 600cc fuel injectors, fuel rails, and Walbro fuel pump. Fuel system remains returnless.


We started by getting a baseline on the setup and came up with our blue run results. 326 whp and 271 torque. Our red run is our tuned run on 91 octane making an impressive 361 whp and 290 torque.


We switched fuels by going to ethanol and we picked up 10 whp peak. Since our bottom end is stock, upgrading rods and to a billet crankshaft would allows us to SAFELY run 9000 RPMs. This would get us very close to 400 whp!


Our comparisons dyno graph. Your seeing both the 91 and ethanol tune for this engine plotted against a bone stock 370Z (green run), and your average 370Z with bolt-ons of catback, intake, and tune.

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Comments (7)

  1. Brandon Egenias

    At what cost are we looking at for parts and labor

  2. Hi Brandon

    I think the owner had close to $20k just in parts to do this.

  3. Saif Haq


    About how much installed for ?
    3″ intake piping
    Z33 throttle bodies
    GTM Dry Sump “Oil” Pan
    JUN 11mm lift exhaust cams that feature a 282 duration
    Z1 headers
    test pipes
    catback 2.5″
    600cc fuel injectors
    fuel rails
    Walbro fuel pump

    I like the Idea of staying N/A and 361 on 91 is nice for me.

  4. Hector mora

    Why are you putting z33 throttle bodies ? On a 370 shouldn’t it be z34 ?

  5. Used for fitment and their larger size.

  6. Asad

    Jun 288 will required a head porting and clearance?

  7. not sure if it will require clearancing to fit. Porting is optional.

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