Ken Converts to Flex Fuel


Ken came back from Idaho so we could update his Z32 to run gasoline (92 octane in Idaho) and ethanol (flex fuel). Ken already had our tune switcher built into his Z’s ECU so we made 10% ethanol tunes on his switcher. In the last 4 years no other performance modifications have been performed since we last saw Ken exactly 4 years ago. We upgraded the factory TT pump with a Walbro “485” unit. All fuel lines were replaced and added a flex fuel sensor with a Zeitronix gauge so Ken can monitor ethanol content and make the necessary tune changes. You can see Ken’s previous visit here.¬†List of mods are all in there.


Zeitronix gauge fits nicely in the 300 Degree  Gauge Pod. 30% ethanol content shown.


On an 75% ethanol content, 530 whp was achieved. Since Ken runs our built auto a bit more power is lost through the drivetrain. We were able to max out the fuel flow capacity of the Nismo 740cc fuel injectors.

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Comments (3)

  1. Benjamin

    Did you use the stock filter with this setup or do you have to use an aftermarket filter for the e85?

  2. Hi Ben
    For “low” power setups we keep the factory fuel filter which uses metal mesh and not paper for a filter.

  3. Roseller Sabellano

    I thank you.ask i have 300zx 1991 non turbo i have problem my car losing much power and sweking hes body still running but dosint matter what hear 1st or 5th running its same.speed km not i need fuel injection. Its new spark flug and ignation coil but still sounds not good.and sweeking hes body.please advice me whant to do thank you so much.

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