Josh’s 370Z TT

How’s that saying go?  A little more makes it better?  Well, what we have here is Josh’s beautiful black Nismo that has been transformed to be a killer.  A Fast Intentions Twin Turbo Kit.  This time its armed with HTA-68 Turbos covered by Alpha Compressor Housings.  The F.I. kit is all encompassing.  Should you need want the ultimate in power you can select from many different turbochargers to fit the bill.


Besides looking good, you’ll find this Z on road courses doing some time and kicking ass.


There really isn’t much to see when the hood is open.  Looks better than something the factory could put out.


One very important note to make is we converted the fuel system to a return style, similar to Norman’s Z.  In Josh’s Z we went with an Aeromotive 340 fuel pump.  We were impressed by its performance, as we ran only ethanol fuel.


9 psi of boost on ethanol.


10+ psi of boost, again on ethanol.


13 psi of boost, yes on ethanol, and also on a stock engine.  Could we have gone further?  Sure!  We have to control ourselves at some point however!  What’s that saying go??

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