Anatoly’s 370Z TT

One of the first Fast Intentions TT kit for the 370Z happened to go on Anatoly’s Z.  This 2013 sleeper does not disappoint!  Armed with a pair of GT2860RS turbos utilizing Tial V-Band .86 turbine housings.  For fueling, we stuck with Bosch 650cc fuel injectors and Aeromotive 340lph fuel pump and keeping it a returnless system.  The factory returnless system has many bottlenecks.  Fuel upgrades for the 370Z are coming shortly to combat the shortcomings.

Video of how it sounds on the dyno.


91 Octane Results


100 Octane Results

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Comments (2)

  1. Mahesh

    Very interesting. Do you expect the fueling changes to help with the power and torque output?

  2. I am hopeful it will help some on 91 octane. On 93 octane for sure.

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