Mark’s 2012 GTR


We previously installed down pipes on Mark’s GTR some time ago (click me to see the old blog post).  Mark came back in for a few tweaks.  One was to make the move to EcuTek from Cobb.  Since Mark is an avid drag racer, EcuTek gives him the ability to make on the fly changes to his launching RPMs.  If the track isn’t prepped as well as he’d like he can lower the launch control RPM for better 60 foots along with raising the RPM should the track and tires hold it.  Changes to launch control boost pressures can also be made.  We also made the move to allow his GTR to run on ethanol.


The first order of business was upgrading the fuel injectors to allow more fuel for ethanol use.  We went with 1150cc fuel injectors and necessary adapter kit for a simple plug n’ play solution.  Injectors are installed in the above picture.


Factory fuel injector on the left and our 1150cc injector on the right.


We upgraded the secondary fuel pump with a Walbro “485” fuel pump.  We noticed that the pump socks off the 2012s are much smaller than the ones off of the 2014s.  Small changes Nissan makes throughout the years.


The factory air boxes (one pictured above) was removed and replaced with open air element filters and larger 3″ piping.  This change allows us to continue running MAF sensors since now the threshold for maxing out the sensors has been moved up.  Tuned on 91 octane will get you extremely close to maxing out the factory MAF sensors.  Thankfully with EcuTek we can ditch the MAF sensors and convert to speed density.  Perfect for someone not wanting to upgrade to an aftermarket intake(s) or for those with larger upgraded turbos.


Our new 3″ intakes installed.  You can see the air filters get moved up to the bumper area keeping them away from the engine bay and its heat. The cover for the top of the bumper is removed to show where the filters now sit.  The intake piping is hard to notice since it is powdercoated wrinkle black and we’ve acquired more “open” space with the removal of the air boxes.


Final shot of the install.


After all the modifications were completed we tuned for 91 octane.  Making peak power on 14 psi.  Boost drops off at the top due to turbo sizing.  There are a few things that can be done to help make the stock turbos hold more but in doing so back pressure rises quickly between the engine and turbines.

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