Tony’s 2010 GTR


 Tony’s GTR came to us with just an aftermarket Y-Pipe and stock tuning from the factory.

We went to work armed with EcuTek software to make this GTR run properly on 91 CA fuel.  Stock GTR tuning is meant for a minimum of 93 octane here in the States.



The blue run was the baseline stock tune and red is the new tuned run.  We gained a nice 60 whp and torque throughout most of the low to mid range RPMs.  Now with the EcuTek RaceRom features Tony can control boost via the steering wheel controls and have access to different maps on the fly.  Plans are in the works to upgrade fuel injectors, secondary fuel pump so we can run ethanol fuel with our upcoming flex fuel kit for the GTRs.


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Comments (2)

  1. Mahesh

    Very nice results from just the Y-pipe and tuning. This just goes to show that tuning makes all the parts that you have thrown on the car come together to deliver the optimal performance. Even with that said, in areas where you can’t get 93 or higher octane, it seems like a lot is being left on the table with a stock GTR.

  2. Yes, there is much left to enhance and make safe.

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