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SZ is now an EcuTek Tuner for the 370Z\G37 & GTR.  EcuTek provides far superior abilities in tuning the factory Nissan ECUs than other current tuning software.  Maps that are not accessible by these other tuning suits can now be done so as well as the addition of custom maps to the existing factory Nissan ECU.



The ProECU Programming Kit can be used by car enthusiasts and owner clubs to both diagnose and program a wide variety of vehicles.  Purchasing the kit is not required to those coming to us for a tune.  The kits are available through a master tuner if needed for remote tuning purposes or ROM support.


370Z & G37 tuning support with the addition of EcuTek’s RaceRom features allows us to use a more simplified ignition timing strategy to have full control of timing while keeping all the safeguards of the knock control system.  Another big plus is the ability to have E85 fuel & ignition compensation with the addition of a flex fuel sensor.


RaceROM is a suite of feature enhancements available for OEM ECUs tuned with EcuTek tuning tools, which offers increased tuning & driving capabilities.

Without question, the OEM ECU offers the best cold start, drive-ability and refinement when compared to aftermarket ECU hardware. However, many aftermarket ECUs provide extra (generally motorsport related) features, that many enthusiasts desire. Unfortunately, when replacing the standard ECU with an aftermarket ECU, the refinement of the standard ECU is often lost.

Now with EcuTek RaceROM, this compromise is no longer necessary. By way of a software upgrade to the standard ECU, RaceROM adds many custom calibration options to the standard OEM ECU, offering features beyond the standard fueling, ignition and boost control, yet retaining its drive-ability, sophistication and fuel economy.

Note that due to technical limitations of some ECUs, it is not possible to provide all features on all vehicles.


The GTR tuning suite allows full control over all aspects of the ECU and the addition of RaceROM features like boost control, launch control tuning, map switching, visual knock warning, flex fuel, and conversion to speed density (MAP), and much more.

Call or e-mail for more information.

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Comments (5)

  1. adrian

    I’ve read great things about Sebastian (and team?) on the Nissan/ Infiniti forums.
    I live in Kuwait and was looking to get an etune with ecutek? What do i need to buy?

  2. Doug Moore

    I am looking into learning how to tune my 2016 370z. I am interested in the monitoring and diagnostic part first. After learning more about my car i would like to tune it if necessary with the few mods i have added to the car.

  3. If you wish to tune it yourself you can do so using the UpRev software.

  4. John taueetia

    I have a 2018 q50. Some parts on the way including a heat exchanger, race pipes and want to get an e-tune. How much does the Ernie cost?

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