Big Power NA-VG

Mike came to us after his NA build.  We would have loved to get our hands on this build as we would have done things differently.  In the near future we will be tweaking things ourselves to get more out of this NA Z32.

Compression has been bumped to 12:1, JWT Regrind Cams, Solid Intake Cam Gears (we will be adding VTCs with the slight possibility of changing camshafts if budget permits), Selin Dual POP, Z1 TBs, Headers, HFC Pipes, and Labree Catback.  It came to us with shitty cheap injectors and we ended up replacing them with quality Nismo injectors.  Sometime this year we’ll have updated results with new mods to get more NA power!

Not to shabby for a naturally aspirated VG30!  With the addition of VTC the bottom and mid range will come up a noticeable amount.  We gained alot on John’s little NA a few years back.  Adding some BDE Adjustable Exhaust Cam Gears will get us to squeeze more.  This is all on 91 octane and 12:1 compression.

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Comments (7)

  1. Ahmed Hassan

    Very impressive numbers!

  2. Kevin Neely

    Hey! How come I didn’t make the blog! Lol!

  3. Edgar

    What pistons and injectors size were being used?

  4. Mahesh

    That’s pretty good out of a NA! Look forward to seeing more updates on this car!

  5. Hi Edgar, using Ross pistons and it came to us with shitty “JECs”/DW injectors (370s) and we replaced them with Nismo 740cc. We don’t stock anything other than these as there are NO downside to running this injector in any app, turbo or non-turbo. Pricing is the same if not cheaper than the factory stuff so its a no brainer.

  6. Soon! I told myself this year that I need to blog more quickly when a project wraps up because I forget to blog on 75% of the work we do here that is blog worthy.

  7. Matt

    Awesome results! I’d love to see what this would do on E85. It has plenty of fuel for it now.

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